Friday, October 23, 2015

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Update: Are The Dogs Affected Also?

Ashling (left), and Comet (right)

A few weeks ago I wondered if I was not the only one showing signs of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.  At first it was Ashling, and then Comet...

One evening as I was sitting and reading, Ashling, an Australian Shepherd, fell asleep near my feet, as she often does.  In the past I have witnessed her dreaming, as though she was running and barking, with soft movements of her feet and muffled little barks.  But it was different this time.  The movements of her legs and feet were more frantic and jerky, and the sounds she made seemed more frantic as well.  

Over the next few days, I witnessed this happening again, and it occurred to me that either she was being affected by the radiation pulsing from the AMR ERT (automatic read encoder receiver transmitter) gas meters that SEMCO Energy had installed, or she was being sympathetic to my symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and reacting to me.

About a week later I started noticing that Comet, also an Aussie, had started developing "hot-spots" in his groin area that he would not stop chewing.  That was a first for him.  Comet had always been a pretty calm and laid-back Aussie, as far as Aussies go, but now he would not leave those hot-stops alone, and became quite agitated if I tried to look at them or even rub his belly, which was also highly unusual for him.  He loves to get his belly rubbed.  I did get a few peeks at the hot-spots, and he had chewed himself raw.

Just to make sure, I checked all the dogs for flees, and didn't find anything, not even flea "dirt."  There had been no change in diet either, so it appeared that something else was agitating Comet as well.  Maybe he was also being affected by the radiation pulsing AMR ERT meters.  Or maybe he was just being sympathetic to my symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity also.  Either way, it was disturbing to see both of the dogs "normal" behavior change like this.

At the same time, I was also experiencing the worst insomnia of my life.  I would wake up about every two hours with my heart pounding.  It would take about an hour to get calmed down, then I would return to sleep, only to wake-up again about two hours later.  This "routine" was not to my liking, and  I knew something had to change.  What were my options?

  • Rent a camping trailer and camp out in the woods somewhere
  • Or pitch a tent in the woods
  • Temporarily move in with someone who had not had a radiation pulsing smart meter or AMR ERT meter installed
  • Remove the gas service (and the AMR ERT meter)
  • Try additional ways to block the microwave radiation 
Attempting to further block the radiation would be the quickest, easiest and least disruptive, so we started with that, and looked into getting some lead sheeting, something used in hospitals and dentist offices to shield radiation.  Pricing it out, we found that not only is lead sheeting very expensive, but is very difficult to come by as well.  However, within a week or so of getting lead sheeting estimates, a friend told us he had some left-over from a renovation project he had done in a medical facility, and gave the left-over lead sheeting to us!

So we wrapped both AMR ERT radiation pulsing meters as best we could with the lead sheeting, and I slept better that first night than I had in the past thirty nights.  Within a week Comet stopped chewing his hot-spots, has been letting me rub his belly, and I can see that the hot-spots have totally healed.  Ashling's sleep seems to have pretty much returned to "normal" as well.  So whether they were being "sympathetic" to my experience, or were experiencing adverse effects from the new gas meters themselves, after the meters were wrapped in lead, they both seemed to get better.

Then I had about a week of pretty good sleep, however for the last two nights I've been unable to sleep again because of the feeling that my whole body is being electrocuted.  So I don't think the lead sheeting is blocking the microwave radiation 100%. 

On October 19, we filed a complaint with the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC):

SEMCO's new AMR ERT meters pulse radio frequencies 10.67 times per minute, per Dave Williams, SEMCO Regional Operation Manager, confirming why increased symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity are being reported by residents who are requesting the new meters be removed and replaced with 100% analog meters.  
Three different SEMCO employees/agents mislead us into believing their new meters only "wake-up" once a month.  Although through further investigation and confirmation by Dave Williams at SEMCO, that information was incorrect.  I would have never consented to the installation of two AMR ERT meters had I been told the truth of what they actually do.  I feel mislead and deceived by SEMCO.  And now they refuse to do anything about it. 
SEMCO does not have an "opt-out" program.  Is there anything we can do other than stopping SEMCO gas service and having the meters totally removed?

I've read that others have been down this road before with the MPSC, all to no avail.  So I am pretty sure we will be removing at least one of the new gas meters, and I am still talking to people about HB4916, the Analog Choice Bill here in Michigan.  When passed, everyone will be given the choice to have either a safe analog meter, or the new smart meter or AMR ERT meters.  Analog for me, please!

Being electromagnetically hypersensitive in a day of wireless-just-about-everything is indeed a challenge.  And I do encounter people who don't believe me.  Maybe it's kind of like the first people who were experiencing the symptoms of fibromyalgia: pain, fatigue, and tenderness... their symptoms were often not believed either.

There is plenty of evidence that smart meters, radiation pulsing meters, and other wireless devices DO cause harm.  Dr. George Carlo in the following video, did some of the first safety testing on cell phones:

And Daniel Hirsch, radiation expert and lecturer at UCSC, states here that taking whole-body and cumulative effects into account, smart meters emit 50 to 160 times the radiation of a cell phone.  So we really are dealing with a serious issue here, believe it or not.

I have faith that it's just a matter of time before electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and the potential dangers of wireless technology, are widely recognized, and we'll be saying something like...

"Of course!  What were we thinking!?"

For more information please see:

Thank you for reading!  Blessings to You!


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 20th Battle Creek City Commission Meeting

Once again, I spoke about smart meters at the City Commission meeting.  Public comments are limited to only three minutes, so I try to pack the most amount of information in, which is why I don't go into much detail, but have posted the links to the studies I mentioned.  The video of the meeting is here, and I start speaking at about 74:37.  While the buzzer is still buzzing, the Mayor addresses the audience, though I finish my speech before the buzzer ends.  Below is a script of what I said:
My comment is regarding the new utility meters the City of Battle Creek Water Department, Consumers Energy, and SEMCO Energy have been installing on our homes, which utilize radio frequencies. The following two studies are from, a website of biomedical literature: 
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity - an increasing challenge to the medical profession: Some people exposed to electromagnetic radiation, including the frequencies utilized by the new water meters, develop Electromagnetic hypersensitivity. While some cannot discriminate between an active radio frequency signal and placebo, others showed observable changes following exposure; reactions in the pupil, changes in heart rhythm, damage to red blood cells, and disturbed glucose metabolism in the brain.
Self-reporting of symptom development from exposure to radiofrequency fields of wireless smart meters in Victoria, Australia: a case series: Shows the most frequently reported symptoms to be insomnia, headaches, tinnitus, fatigue, cognitive disturbances, abnormal sensations, and dizziness, and pointed to the possibility that smart meters may have unique characteristics that lower people's threshold for symptom development.
Comments on the Draft Report by the California Council on Science & Technology “Health Impacts of Radio Frequency from Smart Meters,” by Daniel Hirsh, Nuclear Expert & Lecturer, University of California, Santa Cruz: Showing that smart meters produce between 50 & 160 times more cumulative whole body exposure than the cell phone.
The fact remains that the new radio frequency smart utility meters have not been proven safe, yet evidence they cause harm continues to grow.

The fact is that we have not gone one generation using the level of wireless devices we are today, so we humans are the guinea pigs in this very first long-term study, with many of us already suffering the consequences of unproven to be safe technology. 
The fact is that the Water Department has been working on an “opt-out” program for over three months now. I can understand how it may be difficult to word an opt-out program for something that many of us were forced into in the first place. But the bottom line is, we just want them removed. 
Thank you for listening. May you all be blessed.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Update: SEMCO Energy Gas Company

In response to my recent correspondence with them, SEMCO Energy Gas Company employees and/or representatives have shown total disregard for my health and how their new AMR (automatic read) equipment has been adversely affecting me, as evidenced by the letter we recently received from Cheryl K. Hachee in Consumer Affairs.  

Cheryl makes it clear that they don't use "smart meters."   They are now referring to their new AMR meters as, "encoder receiver transmitters," or ERT.  

The employees and representatives of SEMCO may not call their new meters smart meters, but they do pulse radiation (electromagnetic waves) 10.67 times per minute at 5.86 milliseconds per pulse.  That information I received "from the horse's mouth," David Williams, Regional Operation Manager, SEMCO Energy Gas Company.  

The fact that we have two of their new meters installed means that we are being pulsed over 21 times per minute.  Not a biggie if you're not electromagnetically hypersensitive (though electromagnetic radiation is cumulative, and adverse affects may not manifest immediately).

However, if you are electromagnetically hypersensitive, as I explained to David Williams on September 9, 2015, (the same email that Chery K. Hachee is now "in receipt of"), life can become extremely uncomfortable.  It appears that they don't care.

These new SEMCO AMR ERT meters were installed under false pretenses.  We were told by the installers basically the same thing that Cheryl states, that the new meters only "wake-up once a month."  Maybe they only "wake-up" once a month, but they also pulse 10.67 times per minute, and Cheryl did not deny this, nor any of the other things I stated in my September 9, 2015 email.  

Cheryl explains how this ERT (radiation pulsing technology) is "integral" to their metering and billing system, and is "required" to receive gas service.  And I say, Bullshit.  There are old 100% analog gas meters all throughout the city, and those customers are still receiving gas service.

Cheryl does not mention in her letter other comments I made in my September 9, 2015 email to David Williams, that she is in receipt of, regarding safety and health affects of their new meters:  
And regarding the information from the manufacturer that you sent.  It holds no weight, because it's from the manufacturer.  
The fact is that there are no independent, third-party, long-term tests done on these automated devices that PROVE they are safe, while more and more people, every day, are beginning to experience adverse effects from them, and more and more scientists and medical doctors are attesting to the ADVERSE biological and health effects from wireless devices such as the new utility meters. 
The fact is that there is an appeal in front of the World Health Organization, signed by over 200 scientists, based upon over 2,000 peer-reviewed and published studies.  The Appeal asks the WHO to reevaluate the guidelines based upon the over 2,000 studies that show adverse biological and health effects. 
There's also the BioInitiative 2012 Report, published by 29 authors, MDs, PhDs, and other professionals, that conclude that "bioeffects are clearly established." 
I'm sure there are more studies and reports out there about the adverse health effects wireless devices like your new meters have on the human body, not to mention other animals, the birds, and the bees, if you want to keep digging.  There's several interesting talks Dr. George L. Carlo gives about the studies he was head of, that clearly proved adverse health effects from wireless devices, and what happened to him after he started reporting these findings.  The wireless industry has tried to discredit him for obvious reasons. 
Plus the fact that the new chairman of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, has been active in the wireless industry since the 1970's, and now he's in a position to regulate the very industry that has been his bread and butter for over 40 years, explains why the FCC refuses to reevaluate their standards and guidelines.  That's what's called the fox guarding the hen house.  Good for the fox.  Not so good for the hens.
When the only documentation that all of these utility companies have to share, when questioned about the safety of their new equipment, is propaganda from the manufacturer, in other words, from those who stand to profit from the sale of the new meters, is that not cause for concern?

In the meantime, we are looking into converting at least one of the buildings here into either 100% electric, or electric and propane, so that we can start with removing one of the AMR ERT 10.67 pulses per minute meters.

I did call the Michigan Public Service Commission today (1-800-292-9555), and complained to Ryan there of the adverse effects I am getting from SEMCO Energy's AMR ERT meters.  Ryan said that he would have to check with his boss because currently SEMCO doesn't offer an opt-out program.  All the more reason for Michigan to pass the Analog Choice Bill, that will allow all utility customers an analog meter (absolutely nothing wireless/radiation/pulsing about it) choice.

Here is a video of the kind of gas meters that are installed here, and it shows just how they pulse:

May We All Be Blessed!


Friday, October 9, 2015

City Manager Gets High Marks...

The City Manager of Battle Creek, Rebecca Fleury, got "high marks" on her first year evaluation as the city manager. That story here.

Fleury has been announcing at the City of Battle Creek City Commission meetings that "we" are working on a smart meter "opt-out" program.  She's said it a few times now, yet the opt-out program has not yet manifested.    

We actually never opted-in to the smart meter program in the first place.  The City of Battle Creek smart meter water meters were unlawfully installed on our property, according to Michigan Act 328 of 1931750.539d. 

Smart meters are a radio transmitting device that record and transmit data.  The City of Battle Creek Water Department admits to that.  And it is unlawful to install a device in a private place that records and transmits without consent.

But the City of Battle Creek installed recording and transmitting smart meter devices without our consent.

Some citizens of Battle Creek have been threatened with water shut-off if they did not accept a recording and transmitting smart meter device.

Almost three months ago, Perry L. Hart of the City of Battle Creek Water Department, also told us they were working on an opt-out program.

Yet to date, an opt-out program for the City of Battle Creek Water Department has not manifested. 

The meters remain in place, despite numerous requests to the water department to remove them. 

In my opinion, Rebecca Fleury and the City of Battle Creek Water Department both have not been doing their jobs in this regard.

May We All Be Blessed!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Battle Creek City Commission Meeting - October 6, 2015

The video where I start talking at about 38:00 is here, and the script is below:
The Radio Frequency Comparison chart you sent me from the Director of Public Works in Grand Haven, has been proven wrong by Daniel Hirsch, radiation expert, Senior Lecturer on Nuclear Policy at University of California Santa Cruz.  Hirsch states, “rather than a cell phone being 100 times more (radiation) exposure than a smart meter, the smart meter turns out to be roughly 100 times more cumulative exposure than the cell phone." 
Dominique Belpomme, MD, Master of Public Health, Professor of Oncology, Paris Descartes University, Executive Director of the European Cancer & Environment Research Institute states, “The harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, regardless of their frequencies, are now scientifically settled. Pregnant women (the fetus) and children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable.” 
Paul Pecorale, Vice President of the New York State United Teachers Union, states: “We have enough evidence to justify taking action and we are not willing to wait until our members, their children and the students suffer health consequences from not doing anything.” 
In Naperville Illinois, City Council members settled a federal lawsuit filed by an opponent of the city's smart meter installation program.  The 12-page agreement calls for paying over $117K to a Naperville resident whose lawsuit accused the city and four of its police officers of violating her constitutional rights when they forced a smart meter installation on her property. 
It is quite alarming that the City of Battle Creek Water Department has no actual documentation of proof of safety of the new utility meters being installed by them, and all of our utility companies.  
It is quite alarming that you, the City Commissioners, are relying exclusively on manufacturer propaganda and incorrect information to defend your stance that smart meters pose no health risk.  And it is quite alarming that you can hear many expert sources quoted that prove the new utility meters do indeed cause harm, yet continue to do nothing about it. 
PLEASE investigate this further.  For it is never too late to change your mind about this unproven to be safe technology. 
I conclude with Pope Francis’s words:  We must move forward together, as one, in a renewed spirit of fraternity and solidarity, cooperating generously for the common good.” 
Thank you for listening.  May you all be blessed!


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity, or EHS, is described as a variety of non-specific reactions to electromagnetic frequency exposure.  

Currently, people like me, who are having adverse reactions to electromagnetic fields, are being considered the proverbial canaries in the coal mine; an early warning sign that something is amiss.  Some of us "canaries" have immediate severe reactions to electromagnetic fields, while for others the effects are more cumulative, getting worse over time.

The woman in this video moved into a condo and immediately reacted to a bank of 26 smart meters outside her kitchen wall:

"I never thought utility meters could actually make me sick."
My first "canary" reaction was not quite as dramatic as the woman in the above video.  In December 2012/January of 2013 I purchased my first cell phone.  After about six months my "phone ear" started burning, then constantly hurting, every time I put the phone to my ear.  I did make the correlation,  and stopped putting the cell phone to my ear, and the pain went away for about two years.  At that time, I did not consider myself as one of the "canaries," and I don't think I even knew what a smart meter was either.

In May of 2014 I went down a healing path for multiple food sensitivities, using mostly organic, mostly local food, following a very traditional diet, (the GAPS diet), to heal myself of over 50 food sensitivities, and then enjoyed pretty radiant health and clear skin for about a year.  I describe the beginning of that journey here.  

My health started taking a turn for the worse about six months after our gas company (SEMCO Energy) installed two new AMR meters here.  They insisted that the new meters were "not smart meters" and that they only transmitted "once a month," when the meter reader drove by.

Either two different installers and the Regional Operations Manager were gravely misinformed, or they all flat-out lied, because upon further questioning, I received different information about the two new AMR meters from David Williams, SEMCO's Regional Operations Manager.  I've written about that correspondence here.  

The bottom line is, 
the new AMR meters pulse electromagnetic radiation 
10.67 times per MINUTE.  

With an AMR meter, the utility companies make the distinction that the communication is only "one way," and therefore does not fall under the definition of a smart meter.  However, there are only two kinds of utility meters:  

  1. 100% analog meters (containing no wireless transmitting components), and
  2. Smart meters (containing wireless components)
Analog meters, that have been around for over 50 years, never caused all the health issues that wireless smart meters are now causing and being reported every day.

This is the list of "symptoms" I am experiencing, or have experienced, and I've tried to list them in their order of occurrence

  • Pain in my "phone ear" is becoming more constant
  • High pitch ringing in ears, back of throat, and brain stem area
  • Muscle twitches and sudden weakness
  • Jaw pain and tension
  • Post-menopausal vaginal bleeding
  • Heart palpitation
  • Pulse racing up to 120 bpm for over 30 minutes while relaxing
  • Dizziness, vertigo
  • Achy joints, especially in my hands
  • Inability to type like I used to just a month or so ago
  • Inability to read out-loud like I used to just a month or so ago
  • Sleeplessness: waking up after only 2 hours of sleep with heart pounding, then inability to fall back asleep for about 2 hours, followed by the same cycle of sleep and wakefulness
  • Rashes 
  • Pain and pressure in my head and eyes
The woman in this video describes her's and her husband's reactions to smart meters and cell towers:  

"I realized that for the last year that me and my husband had been suffering, all these terrible illnesses, all these terrible conditions and symptoms, 
was from this thing (the smart meter)."

Three other people describe their reactions to smart meters in this video:

"I fled Idaho because I was harmed tremendously."

And a father shows the radiation from a smart meter in his child's second floor bedroom in this video:

"Many scientists, physicians, and health care practitioners around the world, in the United States, Canada, Europe, are sounding the alarm that this stuff isn't as safe as the people who are making money off of it are claiming it is."

Here is a long, yet very informative video by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt on the effects of smart meters and electromagnetic radiation:

"The only thing that parallels the exponential increase in chronic neurological the increased exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields."

And Dr. Darren Schmidt explains, "How Smart Meters Affect Your Body":

"The point is here, there is no safe levels of radio frequencies."

We've been trying different ways of blocking the radiation; we wrapped a sheet of lead around the back of the one AMR smart meter nearest to the bedroom, along with wire screen behind it, adding more wire screening behind the bed.  Though these efforts seem to have a small effect on my symptoms at first, the improvement seems to last only about 24 hours, and then I'm back to where I was, if not worse.  That may be due to the cumulative effect of electromagnetic radiation, because I doubt that we've been able to block it all.  Plus the City of Battle Creek Water Department has installed three of their smart meter devices on the property as well, and even though we've requested their removal, so far the Water Department has done nothing about our request.

We are now considering removing all of our natural gas service in order to remove the two AMR smart meters from the property.

During sleepless nights, prayer and meditation usually calms my nervous system down to the point where I can fall asleep for another two hours or so.  Wireless radiation, like that which comes from AMR smart meters, is explained here.  It puts the body into a "fight or flight" mode, and then the body is not able to heal and repair while in that mode.  Waking up to my heart pounding sounds like I'm in that fight or flight mode, so it's no wonder I'm having new symptoms arise almost daily.

I ordered a Q-Link pendant and received it this past week.  I've heard a lot of good things about them, how they protect the body from electromagnetic fields, plus they have a 90-day money back guarantee, so I figured it's worth a try!  However I've been wearing it 24/7 for the last five days and don't seem to feel any improvement of my symptoms, so far.

David Williams, SEMCO Energy's Regional Operations Manager, has begun ignoring me, so we've located a heating/cooling person who will remove and replace the AMR smart meters with 100% analog gas meters, however we have not yet located 100% analog gas meters.  If you are reading this and know of a source for 100% analog gas meters, please let me know.

Some people are saying that the lawsuits arising out of this whole smart meter agenda are going to make the tobacco industry lawsuits look like child's play.  There seems to be a real media black-out in the United States regarding smart meter lawsuits.  Did you know that a Naperville, IL, woman was awarded $117,500 in a smart meter case?  More links to lawsuits can be found here, here, and here.

I just want the AMR smart meters removed, and 100% analog meters, that have withstood the test of time for safety and reliability, returned.  Seems like a no-brainer, considering all the controversy around smart meters... 

May We All Be Blessed!


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