Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Requesting A Resolution

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April 19, 2016, to the City of Battle Creek City Commission I said:
I'm here to ask you to pass a Resolution, as most recently Marysville, Michigan did, and now Columbiaville, Michigan has.   A Resolution modeling Michigan House Bill 4916, the Utility Meter Choice Bill, that allows all public utility customers to opt-out of wireless metering technology, commonly known as smart metering, though wireless gas meters are neither "smart," nor called "smart."  Wireless gas meters are called AMR meters, and like other wireless public utility meters, they pulse radio frequency radiation in the microwave range 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non-stop. 
On April 11th, just over one week ago, the village of Columbiaville, Michigan, northeast of Lansing, joined the growing list of Michigan communities to pass Resolutions supporting their citizens in their desire to have a free choice in regards to wireless public utility metering. 
Citing privacy concerns, Columbiaville's Resolution states:"Smart meters are overly intrusive into their energy usage." 
Citing health concerns, Columbiaville's Resolution states:"...emissions from smart meters are actually dangerous to their health." 
Columbiaville has forwarded House Bill 4916, the Utility Meter Choice Bill, to the Michigan Committee on Energy Policy, and has called upon State Representative and Chairman Aric Nesbitt, the Michigan Public service Commission, Attorney General Bill Schuette, State Senator Mike Green, and State Representative Gary Howell to take all regulatory procedures needed to investigate their concerns about health and welfare. 
Gas, electric, and water wireless smart meters come with a history of problems, from chronically overcharging customers, starting fires, being an open-door at our homes for hackers, and destroying people's health. 
Columbiaville, Michigan, now supports their citizen's ability to keep their old, safe, and time-tested analog utility meters, and to opt-out of the new wireless smart metering programs without suffering financial penalties or monthly charges. 
Please join Columbiaville, Marysville, and the growing list of Michigan communities concerned about these real issues with smart meters. Please pass a Resolution modeling House Bill 4916, for a no-fee analog utility meter choice.

Thank you for listening.  May you all truly be blessed!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Smart Meters Are Opposite of What We've Been Told

Following is the General Public Comment I gave at the City of Battle Creek Commission meeting  Tuesday, April 12, 2016:
Smart meters are being installed by all of our public utility companies in Michigan.  If they have their way, we will all have gas, electric, and water smart meters installed on our homes.  Despite being touted as "more accurate," saving us money, and being safe, their history proves the exact opposite.  Let me explain:  
Overcharging ~
Atlanta, Georgia:  Skyrocketing water bills mystify, anger residents after smartmeter installations 
Tinley Park, one of Chicago's largest suburbs:  Smart water meters regularly overcharge residents 
Grandville, Michigan:  Small business with normally a $250 electric bill receives a $13,000 bill 
Kalamazoo, Michigan:  $22,000 electric bill for 2-bedroom home
All of these due to smart meter inaccuracy (disproving the claim that "smart meters are more accurate" than the old analog public utility meters).

Fires ~
Electric smart meters have a history of starting fires.  An LA insurance examiner who has done a lot of research on the 1000's of smart meter fires that have occurred from Maine to California, has seen two patterns arise: 
1.       Utility companies remove their smart meter before fire investigation 
2.       Utility companies blame the fires on the wiring in the home
 (Smart meters have a clear history of starting fires, though utility companies are for the most part, skirting the blame.) 

Image from SkyVisionSolutions / smartgridawareness.org
Cyber security ~
FBI warns of cyber threat to electric grid:  On March 31, eleven days ago, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI began a nationwide program warning utility companies of the dangers from damaging cyber attacks. 
Longtime consumer's advocate Ralph Nader warned us about smart meters a couple of years ago.  And once again, Nader is right.
Electric smart meters connect our homes to the Internet of Things 24/7, and can not be turned-off.  Ever.  (Unlike your cellphone, or WiFi, smart meters keep "us" connected.) 

Adverse health effects ~ 
Smart meter dangers, what they knew and when they knew it: Another retired Armed Forces Captain with 22 years experience in Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence, comes forward. What he has to say is very damning for smart meters.
Radio frequency radiation is not benign.  If it WERE benign, it wouldn't be radio frequency radiation, would it?
(My personal experience is that smart meters are far from benign.  After being "zapped" by smart meters, I started investigating, and have found document after document, article after article, and study after study, explaining and confirming my experiences of being zapped.) 
Now that you know how smart meters expose us to multiple threats; from over-charging, fires, cyber security, and health; the question is, how long before you pass a resolution like Marysville, Michigan did, for a no-fee, analog opt-out?
Thank you for listening ~ May we all truly be blessed!
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Friday, April 8, 2016

Just in case you were wondering...

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Samsung has patents on "smart contact lenses" that can take pictures with the blink of an eye.  The pictures are then downloaded via an embedded antenna to a "smartphone-like device."

I'm wondering, have any studies been done on the health effects of sending a wireless signal from the human eyeball to a smartphone-like device?

Being one who can not even hold a hard-wired mouse in my hand for very long without starting to feel pain, let alone a cell phone to my ear!  I am suspicious the smart contact lenses could cause me some pain also.  So I will do without.

I wasn't always this electrohypersensitive.  But smart meters will do that.

So just in case you were wondering if I was wearing smart contact lenses and photographing you without your knowledge, know that I do not intend to try them.  Ever.  

And definitely would not advise you try them either.  Though I know that is totally your free choice.

Unlike smart meters.  

Smart meters are not a "free" choice.  They have a price tag.  And it is huge.  And I'm not just talking opt-out fees here.

So if you don't have an opinion about smart meters, or if you've only got one side of the story, take a look at the other side.  In depth.  For the love of humanity.

Information about smart meters:
If you have more questions, please contact me.  I don't have all the answers, but I do have personal experience.

Thank you for reading ~ May we all truly be blessed!

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