Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sensitive to Wireless Technology in the US?

Do you consider yourself sensitive to wireless technology and/or electromagnetic fields?

Has a physician diagnosed you as sensitive to electromagnetic fields?

Would you like to have public places you can go that are free of WiFi routers,
 cell towers and antenna for health reasons?

The National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) is taking public comments during their Stakeholder Listening Session, which is going on until December 12, 2016.

Catherine Kleiber of wrote:

If you are experiencing environmentally induced functional impairment from wireless technology (a.k.a. radiofrequency sickness, electrotoxicity, etc.), please take a moment to participate in the listening sessions...   Environmentally-induced functional impairments are covered under the 2008 ADA Amendments.
~ We have until December 12, 2016 to submit a written comment ~

The NIDILRR requests that your comments answer the following questions:

  • What issues (barriers) make it challenging for you to be an active member of your community?
  • What improvements (name the top one or two) would make your daily life better?
  • What has changed, for better or worse, in the last five years that as affected your ability to achieve your goals?
There are also opportunities to speak in-person, or over the phone, regarding environmentally induced functional impairment, though that opportunity ends on December 5, 2016.  Please see the Stakeholder Listening Session page for more details about in-person or phone comments.

Catherine wrote:
It is imperative that they hear from as many people as possible with narrow specific needs e.g. no wireless, especially WiFi, in public buildings and public spaces, especially medical facilities.  If you have time and are able to do so, please back up your story and the need for wireless-free public buildings and public spaces with research.  If not, your story and the stated accessibility barrier are sufficient.
Please email written comments to:
Catherine also wrote:
Please send a copy of those comments to your National Congressional Delegation (2 Senators and 1 Representative) Look them up at: and   
Ask that they stop funding wireless broadband, repeal section 704 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, give the EPA authority to establish population-based biologically-protective limits for wireless radiation, and ban WiFi from public buildings and public spaces. 
They need to hear about this continually from everyone before they will act.  Only rarely do people take action on new information the first time they hear it. 
Thank you for taking the time to participate.  Change will not happen without your active participation.
~ Please submit your written comment by December 12, 2016 ~ 

~ Thank you! ~

[Update November 26, 2016]:  My comment is here.


  1. I sent my story:

    Over the past 2 years I have been increasingly experiencing a resurgence of multiple symptoms that has rapidly picked up pace in the last months coinciding with more and build up of existing microwave installations. If I weren't so sensitive at this point to microwaves from them finding me with high levels, (yes that's something I can prove using microwave detection equipment) I wouldn't be living in an electromagnetic prison and ranting on Facebook trying to help others, I would be still working and living a productive life. My daughter is supporting me, as no disability is available for this. I can no longer live in her apartment in NYC for over a year now as I cannot handle the levels, and have been called for jury duty in NYC where I cannot enter and they do not recognize EHS.

    Also I cannot find work without high levels finding me. I am forced to remain secluded is an area far from any microwave antenna arrays on the coast. I can't succumb while I have the ability to find ways to survive and speak out. When adverse health effects can no longer be kept from the public using the so-called safe standards you know the truth is starting to emerge, but perhaps still a decade away without a mass awakening which is where we are now. I posted my story here publicly with lots of backup research links.

    1. Very well said Jeff, thank you for sharing and encouraging the rest of us to tell our story!

  2. This is really good information, Jeanine! I think I will participate by listening in on one of the meetings, and also submit something in email. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THIS TO MY ATTENTION!

    1. You're most welcome! Thank you for participating.

  3. I'm electro sensitive living in Ontario Canada is this open to us? thanks!

    1. I believe this is just for the United States, however, please do submit a written comment. That will help them see that EHS is a world-wide issue. Thank you!

  4. I have potentially lethal insomnia and tachycardia with exposure to emfs. I cannot go to grocery stores, to the doctor, to the hospital, to the post office, to restaurants. I cannot walk in the city. I cannot go to the gym or take yoga. BUT WHAT I SUGGEST IS AREAS SET APART FOR US WITH 1999 TECHNOLOGY. We cannot stop tech but we need areas set apart for us to live and work. And many not terribly sensitive might also wish to live there. A government should find this relatively easy to set up.

    1. Yes, I agree, we need safe places to live and work, free from wireless radiation and high EMFs.

      I am so sorry about your symptoms. I've been there. Absolutely no fun at all.

      Please submit a comment, if you haven't already. Thank you!

  5. My son is 25, has severe 'autism' aka vaccine damage. He cannot speak or otherwise communicate effectively. A SMARTMETER was installed on my house in Feb. 2014. Since then my son has had completely sleepless nights multiple times per week. His OCD and tics have also increased. Because of this (slamming doors and obsessive spitting) he was suspended from his Adult day program in Sept. 2014. He also drinks from water faucets or ANY water source obsessively. These problems make it almost impossible to take him in public.
    I have experienced dizziness, severe Brain fog to the point where I feel my brain is non-functional. I often lose my balance, especially in the laundry room, adjacent to where the. SMARTMETER is. This caused me to fall and injure my back with herniations at L3-L5 and disjointed Sacroiliac joint in July 2014. I have been in severe pain, flat on my back ever since. I can no longer work. I am very seriously considering having the Smartmeter REMOVED!

    1. I am so sorry to hear of your experiences! Prayers for you and your son!

      Have you blocked the radiation from the smart meter from entering your home? On the wall (inside your house) you could affix a large sheet, perhaps multiple layers, of heavy duty aluminum foil. Also, turning off electric breakers at night, especially to the bedrooms, could help as well.

      And please, if you haven't already, please submit your comment to the NIDILRR. They need to hear from as many people as possible who have been suffering since a new electronic meter was installed.

      Thank you!


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