Friday, October 23, 2015

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Update: Are The Dogs Affected Also?

Ashling (left), and Comet (right)

A few weeks ago I wondered if I was not the only one showing signs of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.  At first it was Ashling, and then Comet...

One evening as I was sitting and reading, Ashling, an Australian Shepherd, fell asleep near my feet, as she often does.  In the past I have witnessed her dreaming, as though she was running and barking, with soft movements of her feet and muffled little barks.  But it was different this time.  The movements of her legs and feet were more frantic and jerky, and the sounds she made seemed more frantic as well.  

Over the next few days, I witnessed this happening again, and it occurred to me that either she was being affected by the radiation pulsing from the AMR ERT (automatic read encoder receiver transmitter) gas meters that SEMCO Energy had installed, or she was being sympathetic to my symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and reacting to me.

About a week later I started noticing that Comet, also an Aussie, had started developing "hot-spots" in his groin area that he would not stop chewing.  That was a first for him.  Comet had always been a pretty calm and laid-back Aussie, as far as Aussies go, but now he would not leave those hot-stops alone, and became quite agitated if I tried to look at them or even rub his belly, which was also highly unusual for him.  He loves to get his belly rubbed.  I did get a few peeks at the hot-spots, and he had chewed himself raw.

Just to make sure, I checked all the dogs for flees, and didn't find anything, not even flea "dirt."  There had been no change in diet either, so it appeared that something else was agitating Comet as well.  Maybe he was also being affected by the radiation pulsing AMR ERT meters.  Or maybe he was just being sympathetic to my symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity also.  Either way, it was disturbing to see both of the dogs "normal" behavior change like this.

At the same time, I was also experiencing the worst insomnia of my life.  I would wake up about every two hours with my heart pounding.  It would take about an hour to get calmed down, then I would return to sleep, only to wake-up again about two hours later.  This "routine" was not to my liking, and  I knew something had to change.  What were my options?

  • Rent a camping trailer and camp out in the woods somewhere
  • Or pitch a tent in the woods
  • Temporarily move in with someone who had not had a radiation pulsing smart meter or AMR ERT meter installed
  • Remove the gas service (and the AMR ERT meter)
  • Try additional ways to block the microwave radiation 
Attempting to further block the radiation would be the quickest, easiest and least disruptive, so we started with that, and looked into getting some lead sheeting, something used in hospitals and dentist offices to shield radiation.  Pricing it out, we found that not only is lead sheeting very expensive, but is very difficult to come by as well.  However, within a week or so of getting lead sheeting estimates, a friend told us he had some left-over from a renovation project he had done in a medical facility, and gave the left-over lead sheeting to us!

So we wrapped both AMR ERT radiation pulsing meters as best we could with the lead sheeting, and I slept better that first night than I had in the past thirty nights.  Within a week Comet stopped chewing his hot-spots, has been letting me rub his belly, and I can see that the hot-spots have totally healed.  Ashling's sleep seems to have pretty much returned to "normal" as well.  So whether they were being "sympathetic" to my experience, or were experiencing adverse effects from the new gas meters themselves, after the meters were wrapped in lead, they both seemed to get better.

Then I had about a week of pretty good sleep, however for the last two nights I've been unable to sleep again because of the feeling that my whole body is being electrocuted.  So I don't think the lead sheeting is blocking the microwave radiation 100%. 

On October 19, we filed a complaint with the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC):

SEMCO's new AMR ERT meters pulse radio frequencies 10.67 times per minute, per Dave Williams, SEMCO Regional Operation Manager, confirming why increased symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity are being reported by residents who are requesting the new meters be removed and replaced with 100% analog meters.  
Three different SEMCO employees/agents mislead us into believing their new meters only "wake-up" once a month.  Although through further investigation and confirmation by Dave Williams at SEMCO, that information was incorrect.  I would have never consented to the installation of two AMR ERT meters had I been told the truth of what they actually do.  I feel mislead and deceived by SEMCO.  And now they refuse to do anything about it. 
SEMCO does not have an "opt-out" program.  Is there anything we can do other than stopping SEMCO gas service and having the meters totally removed?

I've read that others have been down this road before with the MPSC, all to no avail.  So I am pretty sure we will be removing at least one of the new gas meters, and I am still talking to people about HB4916, the Analog Choice Bill here in Michigan.  When passed, everyone will be given the choice to have either a safe analog meter, or the new smart meter or AMR ERT meters.  Analog for me, please!

Being electromagnetically hypersensitive in a day of wireless-just-about-everything is indeed a challenge.  And I do encounter people who don't believe me.  Maybe it's kind of like the first people who were experiencing the symptoms of fibromyalgia: pain, fatigue, and tenderness... their symptoms were often not believed either.

There is plenty of evidence that smart meters, radiation pulsing meters, and other wireless devices DO cause harm.  Dr. George Carlo in the following video, did some of the first safety testing on cell phones:

And Daniel Hirsch, radiation expert and lecturer at UCSC, states here that taking whole-body and cumulative effects into account, smart meters emit 50 to 160 times the radiation of a cell phone.  So we really are dealing with a serious issue here, believe it or not.

I have faith that it's just a matter of time before electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and the potential dangers of wireless technology, are widely recognized, and we'll be saying something like...

"Of course!  What were we thinking!?"

For more information please see:

Thank you for reading!  Blessings to You!



  1. I am having the same type of problem due to power surges making my epileptic dog have seizures. I had my 111 year old home rewired to a 200 amp electrical box, and ever since then one of my cats and my border collie have had hot spots and rashes and my lab/pit mix who has epilepsy has been having more frequent seizures. But he seems to only have a seizure when the power surges. I have copper piping in my basement. I know it's probably helping to create a greater EMF field. I have been experiencing more migraines and my mom has become very tired to the point of exhaustion. What can I wrap my pipes in to cut the playback from the surges? We always know when we're having one due to the smoke alarms that are wired to the electrical, start chriping. Then my Bubba has a seizure. We thought we were crazy. And all these symptoms we'd been having and the animals had been having were just due to, we'll we didn't know what they were from. This page has been very informative and I THANK you!!

    1. You're welcome, glad it's been informative for you!

      I'm sorry to hear about the problems you and your pets have been having. I know it's hard to see our fur-babies suffer! I knew we HAD to do something when two of our dogs started having symptoms.

      Sounds like you may want to call whomever did the re-wiring at your house and ask them to check things out to make sure everything is grounded correctly. I'm not an electrician or an environmental pollution specialist, but I know there are some "out there," and it sounds like that is what you may need to help clean-up what's going on in your home, if the electrician who did the re-wiring doesn't find anything amiss. Researching "dirty electricity" may be helpful also.

      One thing you can do right away, if possible, is turn off electrical breaker at the breaker box at night before you go to sleep. You may want to/need to keep the electricity going to your refrigerator/freezer and to the furnace, depending upon the climate where you are. But turning off the breakers helps cut down on the dirty electricity, temporarily, while you sleep.

      I hope you are able to get the help you need and get your electrical issues resolved! Blessings to you and yours!


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