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November 10th City Commission Meeting

A resolution establishing an opt-out choice was on the agenda for the November 10, 2015 Battle Creek City Commission meeting.  Because it was a "Resolution," I had five minutes to speak about it, and not the usual three.  

No matter how many Resolutions are on the agenda, the City of Battle Creek allows Citizens only five minutes to comment on the resolutions.  So if there are five resolutions and I want to comment on each one, that would be one minute per comment.  If there are more than five Resolutions and I wanted to comment on each one, I would have less than 60 seconds for each comment.  They say that they want our comments, and value public input, but only so much, you see.  Doesn't really seem fair, but it is what it is.

Here's what I said about the smart meters (they are now calling them "electronic meter reading technology") and the proposed opt-out program:
I speak not only for myself, but for many others. 
I speak not only to the Water Department, but to all of our utility companies who have done this to us. 
You changed the utility meters without public consent or consensus.
You sometimes forced the new electronic meters on with threat of service shut-off. 
You sometimes lied to us, or did not tell us the whole truth about the equipment in order to get it installed. 
The only documentation of safety you have is propaganda from the manufacturer, citing FCC guidelines.  The FCC is not a health protection agency. The FCC is a private, For-Profit corporation listed on Dunn & Bradstreet that has its investor’s best interest in mind, not the general public. 
The new electronic meters have a questionable history, and they are being rejected by citizens, not just in the United States, but all over the world. You won’t see that on mainstream media. But it is true. 
Many cities have banned electronic meters due to health, safety, and privacy issues. 
Utility company executives admit that the new electronic meters last only about 5 to 7 years before needing replaced.  (See
  • The old analog meters lasted about 30 years, sometimes much longer.
Utility company executives admit to “catastrophic failures” and inaccurate billing with the new electronic meters.  (See
  • The old analog meters did not have a history of “catastrophic failures” or inaccurate billing.
There are literally thousands of studies that prove biological harm is done by the new electronic meters.  (See below)
  • The old analog meters did not cause biological harm.
There are nuclear radiation experts that say the radiation exposure from one electronic meter, when corrected for whole-body and cumulative effect, is 50 to 160 times that of a cell phone.  (See
  • The old analog meters do not emit any form of electromagnetic frequencies and did not irradiate us.
I have been harmed by electronic meters. Up to 12% of the population IS electromagnetically hypersensitive, which means that over 6,000 people in Battle Creek may become harmed by the new electron meters.
  • I was never harmed by any of the old analog meters.
One of your installers actually told a resident to NOT sleep within about 15 feet of one of the new electronic meters.
  • We were never told to keep any sort of distance away from the old analog meters, because we didn’t need to, because they did not irradiate us.
The old analog meters worked fine, didn’t harm anyone, and had withstood the test of time.
  • We can not say that about the new electronic meters
I was going to say that I am all for the Opt-Out program, but many of us never opted-in, in the first place.
And regarding the fees: If someone tells you that you are hurting them by what you are doing, is it morally correct for you to tell them:
  • “I will stop hurting you, but only if you pay?”
Thank you for listening. May you all truly be blessed.
(End of that comment)

I also gave a "General Public" comment, more or less on-the-fly, though I did have notes.  My comment came after the Director of Public Works, Perry Hart, commented about the new meters.  He had quoted some wrong information, and I spoke-up during his comment, only to be shushed by the new Mayor, Dave Walters.

This is an estimation of what I put together for my second comment:
I've probably done more research on smart meters than all of you put together, including Mr. Hart.  This technology has not been around for 25 years, as Mr. Hart indicated.  It was about 10 years ago that California started installing smart meters.  And California may also be the state with the most cities that have put a ban or moratorium on smart meters.
Electromagnetic hypersensitivy (EHS) is a condition recognized by the World Health Organization.  There is actually a plethora of information on the internet about EHS.  Medical studies have indicated that exposure to smart meters/radio transmitting meters could increase one's risk of developing EHS.  (See
There is a group in Maine that have taken a public utility company all the way to the State Supreme Court.
For information about smart meters, check out and
You forced and deceived many of us into taking the new utility meters, and now you want US to pay to have you remove them?
Some say EHS is a dis-ability, because those afflicted with it really do have to be careful about electromagnetic field exposure, lest they find themselves severely affected.
But is EHS a DIS-ability?  Or is it an ABILITY?  Because we can sense high levels of electromagnetic frequencies most others can not?
Kind of like a smoke detector that has the ABILITY to sense smoke, and wake us up, before disaster happens... 
(End of that comment)

The video of the city commission meeting is here.  I comment at 29:55 and again at 64:10.

We are dealing with unproven to be safe technology here.  And lots and lots of professionals saying that there IS cause for concern.  I know it.  I can feel it.  That's why I feel that paying an opt-out fee is agreeing to pay to not be harmed.  I refuse to enter into such an agreement.

What it also means is that we are getting the exact same service as before this whole smart meter fiasco started, but now we have to pay a fee for it because the utility company doesn't want to pay meter readers.  And I say, we can read our own meters, if that would help.  Just stop irradiating us, thank you very much!

For more information about the health impacts from the new wireless meters, please see:

Thank you for reading ~ May we ALL truly be Blessed!


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