Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Unnecessary Microwave Radiation

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On Tuesday, October 4, 2016, I spoke again to the City Commissioners of Battle Creek during the three minute General Public Comment time:

Every 14 seconds the new, so-called "smart" water meters the City of Battle Creek Water Department has been installing, send pulses of radio frequency radiation, per Perry Hart from the Water Department.  That's over 6,000 pulses of electromagnetic energy per day from "smart" water meters alone.

Add the over 15,000 pulses per day from new SEMCO Energy AMR ERT gas meters, and we're being zapped over 21,000 times per day from gas and water public utility meters alone.

New Consumers Energy "smart" meters, also known as "advanced" meters (they keep changing the name), will zap us even more.

The citizens of Battle Creek are being involuntarily and chronically exposed to unnecessary electromagnetic energy emitted by the "smart" meters you are in approval of.  

Since you have not been able to provide proof these new meters are safe for humans, let alone the birds and the bees, have you looked into your liability for approving this unsafe technology?

Andrew A. Marino, Ph.D., wrote the book (co-authored the study), “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Evidence for a Novel Neurological Syndrome.”

Dr. Marino also submitted an expert report in a recent smart meter lawsuit here in the United States that probably no one has heard about because smart meter lawsuits are not reported in mainstream media news.  

Dr. Marino testified:

“... [there] is a reasonable basis in established science for the Complainants’ concern regarding risks to human health caused by man-made electromagnetic energy in the environment, including the type of electromagnetic energy emitted by smart meters.  These health risks are heightened in the very young, the very old, and in those with preexisting diseases or disorders."

"... electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a documented neurological condition in which the affected person experiences musculoskeletal, immunological, and/or neurological symptoms that noticeably flare or intensify upon exposure to man-made electromagnetic energy in the environment."

Public utility meters never bathed us in radio frequency radiation.  Until now, that is.  Until smart meters, advanced meters, AMR ERT meters.  

This is unnecessary radio frequency radiation, in the microwave range.

So I ask you again:  If the City of Battle Creek is to error in regards to Public Health, is it not best you error on the side of caution?

Thank you for listening.  May you all be blessed! 


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