Tuesday, August 2, 2016

High British Acceptance of Smart Meters Observed

'Never thought of the Brits as being particularly gullible.  In fact, I've thought quite the opposite, that they were particularly astute.  

But smart metering seems to have pulled the wool over the eyes of a lot of British people.  At least from what I see on Twitter, their acceptance of smart metering appears to be pretty high.  Among the highest of all the world, it appears to me.

Despite excellent groups and organizations trying to educate British people of the truth about smart meters...

...the Brits seem to be the ones posting the most positive "tweets" about smart meter acceptance.  

Unless, of course, most of those "tweets" are from industry-paid trolls, which is an definite possibility. 

I have "met" my share of smart meter trolls, on Twitter, news stories, and even here, on my blog.  Though one of them, "Thomas Whitley," whom I had "met" elsewhere, and who recently commented on one of the posts here, "deleted" his comment after I replied back to him:
"Thomas, you're back!  I was wondering when you were going to show up on my blog.  Mind your p's & q's.  I have deleting power, you know."
Wish I had saved his comment.  Haven't heard back from him since then.  Are you reading this, "Thomas?"

Perhaps Britain's presumed acceptance of smart metering has to do with the bribes being offered for accepting a smart meter:

How generous!  Though, smart meters enable utility companies to collect granulated data about household activities.  And these days, "There's Big Money In Energy Big Data".  So the "free electricity" may be just a drop in the bucket in exchange for the data they're collecting.

Perhaps it also has to do with the cute, albeit violent, cartoon characters, "Gaz" and "Leccy", and the popular tunes that accommodate their video antics.  In case you were wondering, these guys are being used to advertise smart meters:

When?  In the history of humankind, have utility companies ever actually advertised their metering equipment in order to gain public acceptance?  

Could it be utility companies needed to cover-up all the bad press about smart meter fires, over-charging, and health complaints? 

They say "Gaz and Leccy are out of control."  In reality it's our utility companies (gas, electric, and water) that are "out of control" in regards to forcefully smart metering us, often without our knowledge or consent.

You can see more videos of "Gaz and Leccy", here, if you're interested.  Though you may want to be aware of one more thing before you watch any more...

It appears that Smart Energy GB is using neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to gain smart meter acceptance:

I don't know a lot about neuro-linguistic programming, however I found this article.  And it appears that NLP has a somewhat dark history.  Some are even calling NLP "mind control".

What will they think of next?

So, if you are British, and have not yet succumbed to the smart meter rhetoric, perhaps you are particularly astute!

Thank you for reading ~ May all beings be blessed!

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