Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Evolution of a Revolution

"Analog utility meter choice," she said as she read my new name tag, "Yeah!  I want my analog meter back."
"Good!" I said as I handed her a flyer.
"I get dizzy when I sit by the smart meter.  That's the only time I get dizzy.  When I move away from it, I'm fine."
"Sounds like you're sensitive..." 
She was not the first person to explain in detail physical symptoms they experience when near a smart meter.  Her reaction is one of the milder ones I've heard of because her symptoms seem to disappear almost immediately when she moves and reduces her exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  

The fact that new electronic meters bring about any physiological effects is disturbing.  The fact that our utility companies and some of our legislators don't believe adverse health effects are a possibility is even more disturbing.

Both the name tag I wear and the flyer I distribute have evolved since first becoming active in the Analog Utility Meter Choice movement here in Michigan.  
My first name tag was a gift from the first person I distributed flyers with.  It stated, "SAY NO TO SMART METERS!"  In those days, most people had little to no idea what smart meters were, so anyone caught looking at the name tag I was wearing would be asked if they knew what smart meters were.

With the most recent name tag design (pictured on the right above), I was hoping to invite others to start the conversation first.  And it worked!  A "stranger" read the name tag and told me she wanted the analog utility meter back.  And proceeded to tell me why.

The issue of health effects from electronic meters is not going away, despite utility companies and some legislators disbelief.  If anything, adverse health effects are increasing as more smart meters and transmitting natural gas meters are installed.

Did you know that senior citizens and the disabled are among the utility customers that are currently living without electric service here in Michigan because they've refused electronic and transmitting utility meters?  Our monopoly utility companies have refused a growing number of paying customers electric service because the customers want to keep analog utility meters, the meter that has literally withstood the test of time and is not known to make some people dizzy or cause other disturbing symptoms.

Some of our legislators are okay with utility companies refusing service to senior citizens, disabled, and others who refuse electronic meters.


The typical argument a legislator will give has to do with money.  However, are they hinting at why they are supporting the monopoly utility companies and not the people of Michigan?  Because of money?

Their argument has to do with "cost-shifting" and how smart meter customers would have to bear the burden of extra expenses created by analog meter customers.

And I say, show me the facts.  Audit the electric companies and prove your claims!

Few will discuss "possible" health effects, despite the fact that there are perhaps hundreds of testimonies from Michigan residents of adverse health effects, and thousands of published peer-reviewed research papers proving that microwave radio-frequency radiation is not benign and does cause adverse health effects (see links on the right).

Not the World Health Organization, not the American Cancer Society, not even the Federal Communications Commission; no one has ever made the conclusive statement that microwave radio-frequency radiation is 100% safe.

Yet Michigan's monopoly utility companies are getting away with charging utility customers extra to avoid this possible human carcinogen.  What's the difference between that, and bullying?  

This is not only a property rights issue.  This is a human rights issue.

If you live in Michigan and want to protect your health, property rights, and human rights, please contact every one of the representatives on the Energy Policy Committee who has not yet committed to a "YES" vote on HB 4220, Analog Utility Meter Choice legislation (listed below).  They are blocking this bill from passing out of committee.  Let them know how important this is to you, and why.

On issues presented before the committee, these representatives represent us ALL:

"When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right." ~ Victor Hugo

Thank you!  Bless us all!

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