Saturday, October 21, 2017

"The Epic Saga of a Smart Meter Opt-Out"

FACT: Utility companies changed the equipment they had been using for about 100 years, installing "smart" and other transmitting electronic meters without customers/ratepayers knowledge or consent.

FACT: I've talked with nearly 100 people now who became ill after installation of pulsed radio-frequency radiation emitting meters. Some became deathly ill, and a few nearly died, but figured out the cause of their illness in time to mitigate or move away from their own home. This is only a small portion of the people in the world who have become ill after smart meters or transmitting meters were installed.

FACT: I've also spoken with people who have become sick after the supposedly non-transmitting or "radio-off" electronic "opt-out" meter was installed. Part of this may have to do with the "dirty electricity" some of the "new" meters create.

FACT: SOME utility companies "allow" us to PAY EXTRA to "opt-out" (of a program we never opted-into), though the safe "old" analog meter that doesn't emit radio-frequency radiation, and doesn't create dirty electricity is usually not an option.

FACT: Transmitting electronic meters usually pulse radio-frequency radiation (RFR) numerous times per minute all day, every day. Some experts argue that this type of continuously pulsed exposure (24/7/365) is more biologically damaging than a single exposure per day of the same accumulated duration.

FACT: No one, not the World Health Organization, not the American Cancer Society, and not the Federal Communications Commission, has EVER said that RFR is 100% safe. Because it's not.

FACT: I prefer to CHOOSE my possible carcinogens, and not have possible carcinogens forced upon me without my knowledge or consent. (Utility companies never gave us full disclosure of how these new meters operate before beginning installations.)

FACT: This radio-frequency radiation exposure is UNNECESSARY since analog meters (that do NOT emit radio-frequency radiation and do NOT create dirty electricity) are still available, and will be available for as long as there is a demand for them.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Paul Heroux, PhD, Interviewed by Press Before Supreme Court Event

"...and these electromagnetic fields are interfering with this capacity for cells to heal themselves."
 "...there are alternatives that are even MORE economical, even MORE high performance that can be deployed by industry if it is willing to do so."

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pledging Allegiance To The Corporations

Glass beach in California ~ images here

California Senate Bill 649 Vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown

It was an answer to many, many prayers.  And the results of the hard work of many, many people, and many, many activists.

SB 649 would have allowed rapid deployment of microwave-radiation-emitting-mini-cell-tower-devices quite literally everywhere throughout the state of California.  Other states have quietly passed similar laws, or are in the process.

That's probably what "driverless cars" entail as well, a very dense infrastructure, completely blanketing us in electrosmog.

The FCC is wanting to "streamline" the permitting process for this very dense wireless infrastructure, making it easier to install microwave-radiation-emitting-mini-cell-tower-devices everywhere.  SB 649 was probably an answer to telecom's prayers.  But it was vetoed late Sunday night by Governor Jerry Brown, a politician and a lawyer.  

Before you celebrate, you must read his letter.

His reasons to veto this bill are weak.

This is only a "pause"

This bill is not "dead" and could rear its ugly head once again.

It appears that Governor Brown is still pledging his allegiance to "innovated technology" being deployed "rapidly and efficiently", though "more balanced"?  What does that mean?  "More balanced"?

Does it mean health and safety will no longer be ignored?  Does it mean that years and years of research will be acknowledged?  Does it mean the people who have become sensitive to the growing blanket of electrosmog will be recognized?

Massive wireless infrastructure has never been experienced before in our history.  And there's lots of evidence warranting the precautionary approach. Yet profit is usurping people, so far. 

Governor Brown vetoed rapid deployment of dense wireless infrastructure this time around.  But it's not time to celebrate, because we're not out of the dark yet.  

We've only just begun.  

And it takes a nation.

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