Thursday, January 14, 2016

"Sudden Aging" & Smart Meters

     "Sudden aging" is how some have described the myriad of symptoms that can occur when one experiences sensitivity to the vast array of man-made electromagnetic fields permeating our modern world. And feeling like I had suddenly aged tremendously definitely describes my experience, shortly after new utility meters were installed where I live.  I had deep, dark circles and huge bags under my eyes.  A friend whom I hadn't seen in a while asked me what had happened to my eyes, and said she had never seen me look so bad.  She was being honest and sincere and I knew she was deeply concerned about me.  I don't think I had ever seen myself look that "bad" either.  But a month of severe insomnia, waking up every few hours with heart palpitations, and feeling like I was being electrocuted throughout the night, is probably why I looked that way!

Our bodies rest, heal, and repair when we sleep.  When our sleep is chronically disrupted, as can happen after a new (wireless/smart/advanced/electronic/AMR ERT/AMI/radio frequency) utility meter is installed, our bodies are not given the chance to heal, rest and repair, thus aging can become dramatic.  Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are said to cause "subliminal stress" that puts the body into a fight-or-flight mode, even while sleeping, making restful and healing sleep less attainable.

In our modern world we are constantly being exposed to EMFs; from cell phones, to wireless laptops, WiFi networks, a myriad of wireless appliances and gadgets, and now the new utility meters.  Which is why it is so very important we have a "safe" environment at night for healing sleep.  However, when smart meters are installed on our homes, they are continuously sending millisecond bursts of radio frequency microwave radiation throughout our environment.  Radio frequency radiation, whether from a cell phone, WiFi, new utility meter, or any other wireless device, does not stop at walls, doors, furniture, or flesh.  We don't necessarily feel the millisecond pulses of radiation, but our biology does.  That is why, for those of us more sensitive to the pulses of radiation, the new utility meters can severely disrupt our normal nighttime rest, healing and repair cycle.

Pulsed radio frequency radiation that the new utility meters emit explained the mystery of the pain returning in my "cell-phone ear," along with sudden and severe insomnia, heart palpitations, feeling like I was being electrocuted, and like I had suddenly developed severe arthritis in just about every joint in my body.  I did not have any of these symptoms prior to new utility meters being installed.

Our natural gas company, SEMCO Energy, tells us that their new meters are "not smart meters," but that they do emit micro-pulses of microwave radiation.    

Electromagnetic fields don't seem to be something we really want to fool around with.  I've talked with representatives at the electric company, the natural gas company, and the water department, and none of them seem to have a thoroughly understanding of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and health risks associated with them.  How can those who don't thoroughly understand something, tell you that it's safe?

Dr. Martin Blank, PhD, Dept. of Physiology, Columbia University, and spokesperson for the International Scientist Appeal on Electromagnetic Fields, explains that damage is occurring to DNA at "virtually all levels of exposure."  

The following quotes are from an Abstract by J.L. Phillips, Department of Chemistry, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO,  N.P. Singh, Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, and H. Lai, Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA:
"A major concern of the adverse effects of exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic field is cancer induction. Since the majority of cancers are initiated by damage to a cell’s genome, studies have been carried out to investigate the effects of electromagnetic fields on DNA and chromosomal structure." 
"RFR (radio frequency radiation) exposure does indeed appear to affect DNA damage and repair..."
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is becoming more widely recognized, and the percentage of people who experience it ranges from about 1.5% of the population in Sweden, to as high as 13.3% in Taiwan, with the United States at about 3%.  I would say that for about every 10 people I talk to about EHS, usually at least one of the people are either also sensitive to EMFs, or know someone else who is.  

I've heard some call EHS a functional or environmental disability, because it's not something that would necessarily be treated by a doctor, though a doctor or health care practitioner versed in radiation poisoning could offer suggestions as far as detoxifying the body and building up the immune system.  "Treatment" for EHS seems to primarily involve altering the environment where the person experiencing EHS spends their time, especially their sleep-time.  

After the new utility meters were installed, and when I began to question whether or not this life was worth living, I knew I had to do something to reduce the EMFs in my environment.  Here's a list of some of the steps taken: 
  • Wrapped new utility meters in lead sheeting (lead blocks radiation)
  • Removed the grounding/earthing sheet from my bed (because the ground outside where the grounding rod was buried tested unusually high for electricity)
  • Eliminated the wireless computer mouse and returned to a hard-wired mouse
  • Turned off the wireless feature on the computer
  • Turned off the WiFi feature on the modem
  • Eliminated the iPad from my environment 
  • Keeping the cell phone off most of the time, and pulling the battery out at night and when not in use
  • Using the landline phone instead of the cell phone
  • Turning off all the electric breakers at night, except for the furnace
The measures have been successful because I've been sleeping much, much better, thank goodness! 

Over 200 scientists have now signed The International Scientist Appeal to the United Nations and the World Health Organization, requesting greater levels of protection for humans and wildlife to electromagnetic fields and wireless technology.  Allowable levels in the United States and Canada far exceed allowable levels in other countries, for some reason, and professionals who do understand electromagnetic fields, are calling for the U.N. to strengthen its advisories on EMF risks for humans.

Bottom line is that the new utility meters are not proven safe, and many professionals are now saying they could be extremely harmful.  I know that they've been harmful to me.  And I know that I'm not the only one.

If you live in Michigan, please call your State Representative right now, and ask them to support the Analog Choice Bill, HB4916, which will give us a choice to keep our 100% mechanical, 100% analog, time-tested for safety, utility meters, without having to pay exorbitant fees to do so.  You can find more information about that on my blog here.

If you don't live in Michigan but are concerned about the new utility meters, please speak out!  Talk to everyone you know, and some you don't know, about your concerns and why you feel that way.  We can make a difference.

Thank you for reading ~ May We All Truly Be Blessed

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  1. This could be my story, here in Northport, on Long Island in New York. So many are suffering, needlessly, in silence, afraid to say anything, afraid they will be laughed at and not believed, I would know that, personally, as most of my family seems to think this is what I need to do to get attention. I am a Leo, of course, I need attention, but I am also too smart and too conscientous to make up something so sick as to proport to be sick from wireless technology. Noone would make this up. How dare anyone doubt anyone suffering from EHS sensitivitivy. Shame on you who do. This is an affliction, a 21st Century disorder and all will be affected to some degree, some less then others, some will want to kill themselves, some will succeed and some, like me, will heal and then go out on an all-out vocal and active, war-like position to alert senators, congressmen, legislators, governers, local politicians, health organizations and even the president to listen to us and do something about the state of this country, the health decline and the mental illness, all stemming from wireless technology; the new-age death sentence for mankind. Thank you for blogging and please keep up the good work of spreading the news about just what is ailing us today. Wifi.

    1. Thank you, Susan. And thank you for speaking out about so-called "smart" and wireless utility meters.

      I have faith that one day soon, the general consensus will be, "Of course they affect us! Of course damage is being done! What were we thinking?"

      Until then, people like you and I just need to keep on talking about our experiences... to anyone and everyone willing to listen. I am finding that the general public is very uninformed when it comes to smart/wireless utility meters, though most are willing to listen to why I wear a name-tag that says "Say No To Smart Meters." If someone looks at it, that's when I start the conversation. I carry around flyers about the legislation we are trying to pass here in Michigan, HB4916 - Meter Choice, that will allow us to keep our 100% analog/mechanical utility meters at $5 per month, charged only if we don't read our meters ourselves. I give the flyer to anyone willing to take it, and bless them for being open to listening.

      Of course we're not making this up. That's an easy out for those who do not want to see or hear the truth around smart/wireless utility meters and other wireless technology. And I can understand, most people feel nothing from wireless technology, so it may be hard to believe that some people do. There was a time when no one knew about fibromyalgia too, and thought people with fibromyalgia were making it up.

      You keep up the good work also. Bless you for speaking out!

  2. Please consider using something other than lead shielding. Aluminum will be just as effective and much safer. There can be serious consequences from using lead.
    The smart meter has obviously been the final straw re. EMR exposure. The emissions are strong and the pulses are damaging, but no one should have cordless phones or wifi in their homes. All of the measures you took after you felt ill from the smart meter, if taken before ill health occurs, will enable your body to protect itself and to heal itself after the onslaught during the day from virtually constant exposure to microwave radiation.

    1. Sharon, we did try aluminum but, it did not seem to help as much as the lead. The meters are outside, if that makes a difference in the toxicity from lead. I am curious about the "serious consequences from using lead" that you mentioned. Can you elaborate? Or post a link? Thank you! PS ~ No cordless phones or WiFi here!

  3. The future is here as Creogen Technologies Private Limited introduces SRISHTI, the first Autonomous Surveillance, Cleaning and Interaction Robot in India. Other technological breakthroughs include Digital Attendance System, Digital Pulse Meter, Authentication System and Mini UPS for all portable electronic devices.

    1. Those don't sound like anything I would be interested in, Carla. I certainly don't want to expose myself to unnecessary electromagnetic fields!


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