Thursday, January 21, 2016

If You Do Not Have A Thorough Understanding...

Pulling up the drive after the Battle Creek City Commission meeting last night, I saw a beautiful bushy-tailed fox running off into the brush.  Fox is a "good omen," and portends, among other things, "a new world opening up," and "the world is growing and shapeshifting itself into new patterns that will be beneficial," per Ted Andrews in the book Animal Speak.  Perhaps the end of the smart meter and smart grid agenda is closer than it currently feels to me...

I gave two comments last night at the commission meeting.  The video of the meeting is here.  My first comment was brief and begins at about 11:40.  It was in response to two different Commissioner comments that were spoken at the end of the previous commission meeting.  This is an approximation of what I said in my first comment:

In the minutes from the last City Commission meeting, commission comments, it says Commissioner Sherzer requested supporting documentation on the safety of the wireless water meters.  I had done that once also...
At this point, I was interrupted by the Mayor, followed by a discussion between Commissioner Helmbolt and City Attorney Jill Steele.  After about four minutes they allowed me to continue:
Commissioner Sherzer asked about documentation about the safety of the wireless utility meters, and I wanted to say that I had already requested that (in the past).  The City Clerk had turned it into a Freedom of Information Request on my behalf, and waived the fee, and she said that the Water Department has indicated they have no documents from independent parties related to the meters.  My request was denied.  No independent third-party.  No documentation.
And then also it was Commissioner Owens that asked (about notification regarding smart meters), she had not been notified that a smart meter was installed on her home.   
That has been the experience of a lot of people.  I gave a copy of this law (to the Public Works Director, Perry Hart), it's a State and Federal law, stating that it's unlawful for anyone to install a transmitting device on anyone's home without their consent.  Yet the (City of Battle Creek) Water Department has done it numerous times.   
So, that's all regarding my comments for Consent Agenda.  Thank you!
My second comment begins at about 41:55 in the video, and here's an approximation of what I said then:
What if all this new and so-called “smart” wireless technology is really not-so-smart?

What if governmental regulatory agencies really are in cahoots with wireless agencies and are ignoring the medical doctors, scientists, and engineers who are stating that there IS proof that biological harm is occurring, even at extremely low frequencies?

Remember, governmental regulatory agencies ignored warnings about the harmful effects from tar and nicotine in cigarettes at first, though some of you may not be old enough to know or remember that.  But it was a big thing.

What if greed is again usurping the safety of us all in regards to smart meters, cell phones, cell towers, antennas, and wireless technology in general?

Is it going to take a generation, like it did with the tobacco industry, for safety issues with wireless technology to be acknowledged and widely accepted?

When you, the City Commissioners of Battle Creek, were asked to approve smart meters in Battle Creek, did you realize that you were being asked to approve a new technology that has NO long-term testing proving safety?

Do you thoroughly understand the wide spectrum of electromagnetic fields?

Can you tell me which, if any, electromagnetic fields are beneficial to human biology?

Can you tell me exactly where thermal or noticeable heating of molecules begins?  
Smart meters pulse micro-bursts of radio frequency microwave radiation through our homes and our bodies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Can you tell me what the World Health Organization says about electromagnetic fields and cumulative effects?

If you do not have a thorough understanding of something, you have absolutely no business saying that it is safe for others.  That is why I am asking you to please reconsider your decision to allow smart meters in Battle Creek.

I will end with a quote from Martin Luther King: 
'Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake.  Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our souls when we look the other way.' 
Thank you for listening ~ May you all truly be blessed!
At the end of the meeting, Commissioner Sherzer mentioned having around 70 pages of information regarding smart meters.  He suggested Mr. Kenefick, who has also commented on smart meters, and I sit down together with him so that he could explain the perspective the City of Battle Creek has, and perhaps address a few of the issues we've brought up.  Mr Kenefick requested that the documentation be emailed to us prior to sitting down with Commissioner Sherzer (excellent suggestion), to which Sherzer stated that he would have to check to make sure that was okay. 

However...  as I've told someone one Twitter:
"Your papers hold no weight against many people's actual experience after smart meters were installed (with a link to my blog post, Others Like Me)"
For more information please see:

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