Monday, July 25, 2016

That's Right, Folks!

Consumers Energy in Michigan is about to pull-out the stops and get even meaner.

"Even meaner?  How could this be?  Say it isn't so!"

It is so, folks.  Soon we will have no choice but to accept new non-analog utility meters from Consumers Energy, the kind of meters that are making some people in Michigan sick.  And it's not just Michigan people getting sick from new utility meters.  Some people all around the world have been getting sick from these new, non-analog utility meters.  Be they so-called 'smart' meters or 'opt-out' meters.  Utility companies have been calling their new meters all kinds of things.  One thing they all have in common, these new utility meters, is that they've all been making some people sick, even children.  And soon Consumers Energy in Michigan will give us no choice but to accept one of these new non-analog meters.

"New utility meters are making some people sick, yet they're still being installed?!"

That's right, folks.

"How could this be?  Aren't public utility companies regulated or something like that?"

That's right, folks, they are.  But those things, those commissions, groups, organizations, and committees don't seem to be helping us out or making a hill of beans of difference when we want to refuse the installation of one of these new non-analog meters.  Good citizens, people like you and me, are refusing these new meters, and for good reasons, but it hasn't been doing us much good.

"Not much good?  You mean I can't say 'no' to one of these new meters that makes some people sick?"

That's right, folks.  Saying 'no' wont do you any good.  Come next year, Consumers Energy plans to offer only new non-analog meters (so-called 'smart' meters or digital 'opt-out' meters), and both are making some people sick.  Consumers Energy is not recognizing people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, not recognizing that some people actually do get sick from their new meters.  And some utility companies have actually been forcing these meters on customers.  

"Forcing?  Violently?"

I haven't seen any violence to the utility customers regarding these new meter installations, though I have seen power being cut and installers breaking down doors in order to install one of these new meters.

"Breaking down doors?!"

That's right, folks.

"Like criminals?!  And getting away with it?!"

That's right, folks.  Like criminals.  And getting away with it.  Shenanigans, I tell you!  

Hard to believe, I know.  But the truth is that public utility companies are getting away with breaking down doors, lying, deceiving, and forcing people to accept one of these new meters on their homes, or cutting off their power if they don't agree to having one installed.  Even when people tell the utility company that the new meter is making them sick, they don't seem to care one iota.  Some utility companies tell you flat out that they will remove the new meter if you want, but cut-off your public utility service in the process.

"Cut off public utility service if we don't want a new meter that is making some people sick?!  And nobody's doing anything about this?"

Well, some people are doing things.  Some are filing lawsuits with our judicial system and taking public utility companies to court.  However, so far, from what I've heard, the public utility companies are coming out on top.  Seems like the courts are protecting the interests of the public utility companies and not protecting the citizens who are getting sick, or who just don't want one of these new meters for any other reason.

"So the courts aren't even helping us?"

That's right, folks.  At least not so far.

"Is there anything we can do to help resolve this unbelievable situation here in Michigan?"

Thanks for asking!  In fact, there is... 

A group of Michigan State Representatives have introduced and co-sponsored a Bill (fancy name for a law) that would allow all utility customers to have a choice between an analog utility meter (the safer kind that's been used since your grandparents, possibly your great-grandparents, were wee-little-ones), and the new non-analog utility meters (those that are making some people sick, have also been known to explode or catch fire, and sometimes drastically over-charge utility customers, creating a real mess that some customers are finding difficult to resolve with their utility companies).

So if you want to help stop the shenanigans perpetrated by public utility companies in regards to new utility meters, and want to retain your right to choose what exactly is installed on your home, I urge you to ruffle some feathers:

1.  Contact your current State Representative and politely ask them to support House Bill 4916, the Utility Meter Choice Bill.  If you're really ambitious, contact each and every State Representative in Michigan.  If you're contacting one of the co-sponsors to HB4916, thank them profusely!

2.  Share this message with everyone you know in Michigan.  And ask them to share this message with everyone they know in Michigan.

3.  Sign-up to receive newsletters and updates from the Smart Meter Education Network here in Michigan, to stay in-the-know about what's going on in regards to the shenanigans perpetrated by our public utility companies.

Remember, folks, we're all in this together.  Not everyone seems to be getting sick from these new non-analog utility meters.  Those who are getting sick are being called 'canaries in the coal mine,' it's like they're an early warning sign.  And as far as coal miners go, they knew that once the canaries were gone, they were next.

Of course, you can choose to do nothing in regards to this matter.  Just remember, though, that by taking no action in regards to these shenanigans, you're giving your silent consent to what's going on.  Is that really what you want to do, when people are getting sick?  It is your choice.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What Are Your Credentials?

City Commissioners of Battle Creek - Image from here

 To the City Commissioners of Battle Creek, Tuesday, July 5, 2015, I said:
What are your credentials that authorize you to disagree with hundreds of scientific studies done by independent world-renowned researchers?  Are you willing to be held personally accountable should you be sued by those of us harmed by transmitting public utility meters?

On May 22, 2015, Dr. David O. Carpenter, submitted testimony to the Michigan Public Service Commission in regards to Case No U-17767, one of the many ongoing smart meter lawsuits here in Michigan.

Dr. Carpenter is a public health physician with specialties in environmental health and disease prevention.  He is Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment, University at Albany, State University of New York, which is a Collaborating Centre of the World Health Organization.

Dr. Carpenter and his colleagues have been studying the effects of low-level non ionizing radiation for decades.  I will quote a few lines from his testimony:

"I am concerned with the health costs imposed on customers in consequence of the radio transmitters in smart meters and also in consequence of the power quality issues, sometimes called 'dirty electricity' generated by the power supplies used in these meters."

"Diminished health for a minority of the population, probably diminished life expectancy for the majority, probable genetic damage..."

"Widespread deployment (of smart meters) cannot be justified... based on the peer-reviewed research...  universal deployment of such meters throughout our urban areas amount to an experiment on the people... without the consent of the experimental subjects."

"...there is a strong body of evidence that demonstrates a variety of adverse health effects, including cancer and effects on brain and behavior, coming from exposure to radiofrequency radiation like that generated by wireless smart meters."
So please tell me, what are your credentials that authorize you to disagree?  Are you willing to be held 100% accountable for your approval of transmitting, wireless, AMI, AMR, Digital, Advanced, smart public utility meters? 
Thank you for listening.  May you truly be blessed.

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