Friday, September 11, 2015

Update: SEMCO Smart Meters

It took some time, but finally got some information back from David Williams, the Regional Operation Manager at SEMCO Energy, our natural gas provider, regarding the new meters they installed here late last year.  This is the email we received on September 8, 2015, from David:
Here is some information I have on the type of automated device that Semco uses to collect meter reads. The device we use is a 100 series ERT that only transmits in very short pulses of 5.86 milliseconds for a total of about 1.5 minutes per day. I would be happy to bring one out to show you. We have had these installed in the Battle Creek area since 1996-97. The original devices were called a 40 series vs the newer 100 series we install today. 
 David Williams
Regional Operation Manager
I did the math, which is taking the 1.5 minutes per day total and dividing that by 5.86 milliseconds.  Spread out over 24-hours, what you get is 10.67 pulses at 5.86 millisecond each of man-made microwave radio frequency radiation per minute.  Then I responded:  
Thank you, David, I thought you had forgotten about me!  
Thank you for the information.  No wonder!  It totally explains why my symptoms returned.  With 10.67 pulses per minute, I'm being zapped continuously day and night.  And the fact that they are short pulses, explains why it took about 6 months for my symptoms to return.  
NO, absolutely do NOT bring any more of those "devices" on this property!  Two were installed over 6 months ago, and the installers gave us misinformation, just like you did.  They and you said these meters were only "woken-up" once a month, when the meter-reader came by, which is not correct.  They send pulses all day long, 24 hours a day, in mini bursts, that disrupts my biology enough to cause adverse health symptoms.  
I'm one of those people who can feel them.  They are calling us "the canaries in the coal mine."  Coal miners used to bring canaries into the mines with them because of the delicate nature of the bird, the canary would succumb to deadly yet undetectable gases before the miners would.  They were an early warning sign of trouble. 
I am hypersensitive to radio frequencies, they cause me pain and other neurological disruptions.  SEMCO's new meters are causing me pain and must be removed.  We demand that you/SEMCO remove the two meters that were installed on our property under false pretenses, and replace them with 100% analog meters.  
And regarding the information from the manufacturer that you sent.  It holds no weight, because it's from the manufacturer. 
The fact is that there are no independent, third-party, long-term tests done on these automated devices that PROVE they are safe, while more and more people, every day, are beginning to experience adverse effects from them, and more and more scientists and medical doctors are attesting to the ADVERSE biological and health effects from wireless devices such as the new utility meters. 
The fact is that there is an appeal in front of the World Health Organization, signed by over 200 scientists, based upon over 2,000 peer-reviewed and published studies.  The Appeal asks the WHO to reevaluate the guidelines based upon the over 2,000 studies that show adverse biological and health effects. 
There's also the BioInitiative 2012 Report, published by 29 authors, MDs, PhDs, and other professionals, that conclude that "bioeffects are clearly established."  
I'm sure there are more studies and reports out there about the adverse health effects wireless devices like your new meters have on the human body, not to mention other animals, the birds, and the bees, if you want to keep digging.  There's several interesting talks Dr. George L. Carlo gives about the studies he was head of, that clearly proved adverse health effects from wireless devices, and what happened to him after he started reporting these findings.  The wireless industry has tried to discredit him for obvious reasons.  
Plus the fact that the new chairman of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, has been active in the wireless industry since the 1970's, and now he's in a position to regulate the very industry that has been his bread and butter for over 40 years, explains why the FCC refuses to reevaluate their standards and guidelines.  That's what's called the fox guarding the hen house.  Good for the fox.  Not so good for the hens.  
SEMCO has 30 days, until October 9, 2015, to remove the two "automated" devices they installed here under false pretenses, and replace them with 100% analog meters, because the automated devices are making me ill.  If SEMCO does not comply, we will arrange to have the devices removed and replaced ourselves.  We appreciate your cooperation.  
This is a legal notice.  Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal.  All rights reserved.
It's really interesting, because I get the feeling that David Williams really did not know about the health effects people are having from these new smart meters, nor how they actually pulse all day long.

I haven't heard back from him yet, but will update when I do.

Bless Us All!

[March 11, 2016 Update]:
  • SEMCO Energy states they have no opt-out.  
  • The Michigan Public Service Commission has been of no help.
  • The Better Business Bureau has been of no help.  
  • We wrapped the meters in lead sheeting (though I've heard that aluminum works just as well).
  • I turn all the electric breakers off at night except for the furnace.  
  • These measures have helped tremendously, and most of my severe 'symptoms' have subsided, though, the City of Battle Creek is planning on installing 24 new antennas this summer.
If you want to do something about this situation regarding smart meters, talk to your local government about a no-fee smart meter opt-out with the choice to keep the old, safe and reliable analog meters.

If you live in Michigan, please read this about Utility Meter Choice Legislation, House Bill 4916.

For more information:

Thank you for reading ~ Bless Us All!

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