Friday, September 4, 2015

September 1st City Commission Comment

Picture via @JoelDeLorge on Twitter
The video of the September 1st City of Battle Creek City Commission meeting is here.  I begin speaking at about mark 62:00.  Below is basically what I said:
In regards to the new smart meters Consumers Energy will be installing in Battle Creek, putting all residents at potential risk.  Last week I emailed you a news story about a house fire on Bellaire Avenue in Portage, Michigan.   
Neighbors and eyewitnesses say the house fire on August 23rd started at the Consumers Energy smart meter, though the Fire marshal has ruled the smart meter out. 
Here are some comments from an eyewitness, that appeared on the MLIVE news story (here):  
"Wow!  This is a darn shame!  It was the METER!!!  Why did consumers come and remove it before any investigation was done while the home was still in flames?!?  I call BS!  I am their neighbor!  Everyone who witnessed the situation knows it was the new smart meter just put in three days earlier!" 
"The thousands of people who have been through it.  The thousands of people who have fought their insurance companies for the 'unknown cause' of house fires, where the energy company removed the evidence before investigation." 
"I watched it with my own eyes as they removed the melted, explosive meter from the home.  I also spoke directly to the home owner as he explained hearing the large POP and running around the home to see that that, (the smart meter), was the only thing on fire." 
Now to the City of Battle Creek Water Department's new smart meter water meters.  If these new meters were so wonderful, then why aren't water bills going down with their installation?  And why has the Water Department not only snuck these new meters onto private properties without property owner's knowledge or consent, but forced some people to accept them with the threat of water shut-off? 
The idea of an opt-out program is actually backwards, because we never opted-in in the first place.  We were never asked if we wanted these new meters.  They were forced upon us.  And not only are they harming some people, like me and others sensitive to radio frequencies, but there are no independent third-party long-term tests that prove they are safe, while every day, more controversy arises over their safety, security, and health effects. 
Over thirty Michigan municipalities have passed resolutions against smart meters.  It is never too late to join the lead dogs in this issue and reconsider your decision to allow these unproven to be safe new smart utility meters into the City of Battle Creek.  It is never too late. 
Thank you for listening.  May you all be blessed!


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