Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Utility Companies, Lies, Deceptions, Cover-Ups & Fires

If the employees and agents of SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company are telling everyone what they told me, that their new utility meters only "wake-up" once a month when the meter reader drives by, they are being very misleading.  David Williams, SEMCO GAS Regional Operation Manager, wrote something quite different about their new utility meters in an email to me:  

"The device... transmits in very short pulses of 5.86 milliseconds 
for a total of about 1.5 minutes per day."

And of course, I did the math.  My Buppa, what we called my mother's father, would be proud of me.  He was quite the mathematician and one of the things we did together when I was younger was solve algebra problems.  I enjoyed math, and he did too.  So here's the math on the new gas meters:  

1.5 minutes of pulses per day = 90,000 milliseconds of pulses per day

90,000 milliseconds of pulses per day (divided by) 
5.86 milliseconds per pulse
= 15,358.36 pulses per day of 5.86 milliseconds per pulse

15,358.36 pulses per day of 5.86 milliseconds per pulse (divided by) 
24 hours in the day
= 639.93 pulses per hour of 5.86 milliseconds each

639.93 pulses per hour of 5.86 milliseconds each (divided by) 
60 minutes in an hour

= 10.67 pulses PER MINUTE of 5.86 milliseconds each

It's no wonder my "phone ear" started hurting again after about six months of being pulsed by that meter.  And it's no wonder other "symptoms" of electromagnetic hypersensitivity began to occur, such as sleeplessness, extreme tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and achy joints.

The GOOD news is that last night we wrapped a lead sheet around as much of the gas smart meter as possible, and all of those symptoms lessened!  

Two days ago I left a phone message for David Williams, requesting a call back to schedule when he or one of SEMCO's employees or agents could come here and replace their pulse generating smart meter with a 100% analog/100% mechanical meter, but I haven't heard back from him yet.  

And it occurred to me that Consumers Energy, our electric provider, wants us to pay about $200 in the first year to "opt-out" of their smart meter program (which is actually backwards because we never "opted-in" in the first place).  But if Consumers DOES charge us about $200 in the first year to not have a smart meter installed, what would stop SEMCO Energy (gas) from also charging us $200 to "opt-out," and what would stop the City of Battle Creek Water Department from also charging us $200 to "opt-out?"  That would be around $600 per year to utility companies for absolutely nothing.  Well, not really nothing.  It would be paying them to keep microwave radiation pulsing utility meters away, that's what it would be paying for.  Paying the utility companies to not harm me...

After Matthew D. Miller at the City of Battle Creek Water Department explained that the new utility meters were going to be labor saving for them, I asked if our water bills were going down.  He answered with a swift and immediate, "No!"  I later found out that the City of Battle Creek City Commissioners approved a 5% increase to water bills every year for 5 years, which, when you do the math, turns out to be a 28% total increase due to compounding.  

So who stands to benefit from these new meters, anyway?  Not me.

After talking to numerous people about the new "smart" utility meters that are being installed all across Michigan by all of our utility companies, I found that not only has Battle Creek done an EXCELLENT job of keeping the citizens in the dark about the deployment of these new meters, but our media and press has also. 

Searching the Battle Creek Enquirer for "smart meter" brings up nothing, no news stories about the new utility meters that are sometimes being forced, and sometimes being deceptively installed, onto our properties.  Who's not reporting the news around here?  

A month or so back I wrote a letter to the Battle Creek Enquirer about smart meters.  The letter was edited down to a fraction of it's original size and returned to me for approval.  I explained to the Editor, Michael McCullough, that my strongest points were edited out, and submitted a rewrite, which was never published.  

The Battle Creek Current, the city's newsletter that comes periodically in water bills, did announce Consumers Energy's new meters, but they did not call them "smart," even though they are.  The new meters are being called all kinds of things now.  Perhaps they are avoiding the word "smart" due to some bad press.

Image from here courtesy of Shirley Bayliff
Another thing:  I've read several news stories of smart meter fires where the smart meter was ruled out as the cause of the fire, and the blame was put on the homeowner, for having older, worn-out wiring immediately BEHIND the smart meter.  This gives us reason to stop an electric smart meter installation by demanding the electric company give us time to have a licensed electrician inspect the wiring prior to installation, lest they (the electric company) be grossly negligent and held 100% responsible if they do not allow us the time to arrange for such an inspection.  

May we all be blessed!

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