Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Corporatocracy & Smart Metering

The Angel of Grief - sculpture by William Wetmore Store 1894

Tonight's comment to the City of Battle Creek City Commission:
In 2013 I had to stop putting a cell phone to my ear because of pain I felt when I did. The pain went away, but returned in 2015.  I was still not putting a cell phone to my ear, so it confused me as to why the pain returned. 
In November of 2014 our gas company, SEMCO Energy, installed two new gas meters where I live.  Both installers assured us these new meters were NOT "smart" meters, and they only transmitted once per month for meter readings.   Given that information, we allowed the installations. 
When the pain returned to my "phone" ear without cell phone use, it didn't immediately occur to me that the gas company had not told us the whole truth.  Then, I started researching new gas meters, which lead me to calling the company. 
Dave Williams, SEMCO's Regional Operation Manager, told me via email that the new meters transmit 1.5 minutes per day in 5.86 millisecond bursts.  When you do the math, that figures out to over 600 bursts per hour, and over 10 bursts per minute, of microwave radiation, the same frequency cell phones operate on.  No wonder my cell phone ear started to hurt again. 
We requested SEMCO remove the microwave radiation transmitting meters and replace them with non-transmitting analog meters.  They could remove the new meters, but shut off our gas service. 
I contacted the Michigan Public Service Commission, but they were of no help.  So I contacted the Better Business Bureau, but they were of no help.  So I contacted the Attorney General's office, but they were of no help. 
That is why I am asking the City of Battle Creek to join a growing number of Michigan communities that support House Bill 4916, Utility Meter Choice Legislation, that will allow public utility customers to keep analog meters without having to pay extortion fees. 
If you've listened to the 100's of testimonies from Michigan residents about adverse health effects experienced after smart meter installation, you would realize the gravity of this situation. 
Or, do the roots of corporatocracy extend all the way down into Battle Creek local government?
Thank you for listening.  May all beings be blessed!


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  1. Mpsc DOES NOT do duty of office
    Mcl 460.62 to be enforced for people in NEED due to health and safety.SCHUETTE will not investigate Mpsc for this.Face it our politicians are corrupt and BOUGHT BY THE UTILITIES. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!!


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