Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Requesting A Resolution

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April 19, 2016, to the City of Battle Creek City Commission I said:
I'm here to ask you to pass a Resolution, as most recently Marysville, Michigan did, and now Columbiaville, Michigan has.   A Resolution modeling Michigan House Bill 4916, the Utility Meter Choice Bill, that allows all public utility customers to opt-out of wireless metering technology, commonly known as smart metering, though wireless gas meters are neither "smart," nor called "smart."  Wireless gas meters are called AMR meters, and like other wireless public utility meters, they pulse radio frequency radiation in the microwave range 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non-stop. 
On April 11th, just over one week ago, the village of Columbiaville, Michigan, northeast of Lansing, joined the growing list of Michigan communities to pass Resolutions supporting their citizens in their desire to have a free choice in regards to wireless public utility metering. 
Citing privacy concerns, Columbiaville's Resolution states:"Smart meters are overly intrusive into their energy usage." 
Citing health concerns, Columbiaville's Resolution states:"...emissions from smart meters are actually dangerous to their health." 
Columbiaville has forwarded House Bill 4916, the Utility Meter Choice Bill, to the Michigan Committee on Energy Policy, and has called upon State Representative and Chairman Aric Nesbitt, the Michigan Public service Commission, Attorney General Bill Schuette, State Senator Mike Green, and State Representative Gary Howell to take all regulatory procedures needed to investigate their concerns about health and welfare. 
Gas, electric, and water wireless smart meters come with a history of problems, from chronically overcharging customers, starting fires, being an open-door at our homes for hackers, and destroying people's health. 
Columbiaville, Michigan, now supports their citizen's ability to keep their old, safe, and time-tested analog utility meters, and to opt-out of the new wireless smart metering programs without suffering financial penalties or monthly charges. 
Please join Columbiaville, Marysville, and the growing list of Michigan communities concerned about these real issues with smart meters. Please pass a Resolution modeling House Bill 4916, for a no-fee analog utility meter choice.

Thank you for listening.  May you all truly be blessed!

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