Sunday, May 1, 2016

An Ode to the Analog Utility Meter

Image of a 58 year old and still working ANALOG gas utility meter from here

Dear, oh dear analog
Our trusted old friend
You've been so reliable
Never needed to defend

Why we want YOU
There was no competition
Alas, that has ended
With the "smart" meter mission

Good old friend, analog
You were NOT worn out
Why are you being replaced
In the "smart" meter roll-out?

"Smart" meters have brought us
Overcharging and fires
Severe health complaints
NOT our desires

Why replace analogs
That last a generation
With meters that sometimes fail
Upon installation?

We've heard of the spying
Collecting bits of personal data
From every single household
To be used, perhaps, later

Utility companies tell us
Smart meters save THEM money
While raising OUR rates
Is that fair, honey?

And about this collected data
Some sell it, they say
So, WHO gets to profit?
And WHO has to pay?

They've used BS propaganda
To sell their "smart" meter
Like they used BS propaganda
When Hitler was leader

Image from hereSmart Grid Awareness,
SkyVision Solutions,
Consumer Protection Advocate

What ever has happened
To fairness and trust?
Two admirable ideals
Utilities lost in the thrust

A "smart" meter doesn't
Save customers any money
It's behavior changes
That can do that, honey

Dear analog meter
Known to last a generation
Instead of kicking you out
We should treat you with veneration

Old analog meter
I didn't know your worth
Until a "smart" meter
Was installed on your turf

Where did you go?
I want you back!
You don't irradiate me
Or make computers an easy hack

Unregulated monopolies
Let's get serious now
When did this happen?
Why?  And how?

So many people
From "smart" meters get sick
What is going on here?
Some kind of dirty trick?

"Smart" meter fires
Have been kept from the news
They didn't want to add
To our "smart" meter blues

And some utility companies
Have blocked me on Twitter
They don't want to hear
Truth about their new "smart" meter

Is THIS BS propaganda?
Or is it the truth?
YOU be the detective!
YOU be the sleuth!

Research and read
Not just one page or two
Twenty is good
Thirty will do

Hundreds of scientific
Professionals will say
Ill health effects
Will NOT go away

Until we do something
Until we say
Stop all this wireless!
Stop it today!

This doesn't mean you must
Get rid of your cell phones
Just stop installing cell towers
So close to our homes!

Stop installing smart meters
Antennas and towers
Rethink total wireless coverage
And wireless signal powers

High-tech and digital
Is not always best
Show me the proof
Show me the tests!

With little proof of safety
And MORE proof of harm
This is a serious issue!
Why I'm sounding the alarm!

Oh! Dear analog
Our faithful old friend
I will defend you
Until the very end

Alas, I am no poet laureate
Nor professional writer
But because of personal experience
I am a freedom from "smart" meters fighter!

So I say: Keep your "smart" meter
And your "smart" meter hack
I want my old meter!
I want my ANALOG back!

I'm electro-sensitive
Or "EHS"
"Canaries in the coal mine"
As some refer to us

Some doctors are saying
That within a year or two
Fifty percent will be EHS
What then will we do?

Believe me, you
Do not want to know
Gives health a viscous blow

Please let us not
Continue in this direction
This is a serious matter
Calling for our attention

Do your own research
Gather your own facts
No more name calling
No more personal attacks

On people, who
Sweden does say
Do NOT have a physical

Our "disability" is caused
EMFs, RFs, WiFi, microwaves
Everywhere are sent

"Dirty electricity"
Is another issue
Do your own research
Find out what's true!

Then join me, if you can
Join me, if you choose
We have freedom to gain
Or our health to loose

Utilities: Keep your "smart" meter
And your "smart" meter hack!
I want my old analog
I want my analog meter back!!!

Writing an ode to utility meters was not my idea.  Credit goes to perhaps Smart Energy GB and/or poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy.  Apparently she snubbed the Queen, but was going to pen an ode to the analog gas meter, which I've called, "more BS propaganda to sell smart meters."

When Duffy's ode becomes available, I will be sure to read it.  I may learn a thing or two from her about writing odes.  And maybe she can learn a thing or two from me, if she so chooses, about the so-called "smart" meter.

Thank you for reading!
I thank you, I do!
That's all for now
Deep blessings to you! 


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Consumer Protection Advocate

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Old analog gas meter, chained & locked

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