Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pushing The Limits

Tonight's comment to the Battle Creek City Commission:
This is a chart of outdoor pulsed radio frequency radiation exposure limits, a country comparison, measured in micro-watts per centimeter squared:
Image from Environmental Health Trust

The following cities and countries allow 10 or less micro-watts per centimeter squared of pulsed radiation:   
Paris, Poland, Italy, Russia, Lithuania, China, Switzerland... they actually have two categories, one for "general" and one for "schools and hospitals," the Ukraine, Belgium, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Liechtenstein, and Salzburg. 
The next two countries allow double that:   
India and Israel.
And the last three countries allow one-hundred times that of the first group: 
The US, Canada, and Australia.
Perhaps we've all done it, made a decision based upon not enough information. 

When wireless and smart meters were introduced, public utility companies gave us very little information about them. 
Public utility companies told us that wireless and smart meters were safe because they fell within certain limits set by certain agencies. 
What we were not told was that here in the United States, we have the world's highest allowable limits of pulsed radio frequency radiation exposure. 
We were also not told that never before in our recorded history had we been continuously exposed to the levels of pulsed radio frequency radiation we would be exposed to when wireless and smart meters were installed on our homes. 
If the precautionary principle were followed, we would have much more stringent guidelines for pulsed radio frequency radiation. 
Sunday night I sent all of you information about several more communities in Michigan who have just recently passed Resolutions modeling House Bill 4916, the Utility Meter Choice Bill, allowing public utility customers to opt-out of wireless and smart meters, and to keep analog utility meters without having to pay extra fees to do so. I also sent you a video of testimonies from several other people here in Michigan reporting adverse health effects. 
These communities that are passing Resolutions modeling House Bill 4916 are exercising the precautionary principle for their citizens. 
Isn't it time the City of Battle Creek do the same, before more people are harmed by wireless and smart meters here?  Because, as you can see by this chart, we really are pushing the limits! 
Thank you for listening ~ may we all truly be blessed!

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