Monday, May 16, 2016

For the Health, Safety & Welfare of the Citizens

After finding out about all the Resolutions that have recently been passed, modeling House Bill 4916, Utility Meter Choicevia Michigan's Smart Meter Education Network newsletter, I wrote the City of Battle Creek officials about it last night:

Dear Mayor Walters, Vice Mayor Baldwin, Commissioner Owens, Commissioner Gray, Commissioner Flores, Commissioner Sherzer, Commissioner Behnke, Commissioner Faris, and Commissioner Helmboldt, 
On April 28, 2016, the County of Lapeer, Michigan, passed a Resolution modeling HB4916 for Utility Meter Choice with no-fees for opt-out.  Here is a copy of their Resolution: 
This is a video of the Lapeer County Commission meeting on April 28, 2016.  Testimony regarding health effects from wireless/smart meters begins at about 8 minutes, then the Commissioners discuss the Resolution, and pass it: 
Brown City, within Lapeer County, passed their own Resolution on May 9, 2016, also modeling HB4916 for Utility Meter Choice with no-fees for opt-out.  Here is a copy of their Resolution: 
On May 10, 2016, Marathon Township also passed a strong Resolution modeling HB4916.  Here is a copy of that: 
These are counties and communities that are concerned about the health effects from wireless/smart meters and are taking action.  I urge you to also pass a Resolution modeling HB4916, to give all public utility customers the choice to keep their old analog utility meter that had none of the concerns wireless/smart meters have, without having to pay additional fees to do so. 
Wireless/smart meters nearly killed me.  That is why I am so passionate about this issue.  It is becoming more and more clear that I'm not the only one in Michigan who has experienced adverse health effects from wireless/smart meters. 
Will you please pass a Resolution modeling HB4916, as more and more communities in Michigan are doing, for the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens? 
Jeanine Deal

This morning I heard back from one of the Commissioners, Kate Flores, thanking me for my passion and continued efforts, and that she would review what I sent.  So far, she is the only one to respond...

Thank you for reading ~ May we all truly be blessed!


  1. Jeanine, thank you for your work. Well Done! I am on the verge of getting Cheboygan County AND my Township in Indian River, Tuscarora, to adopt resolutions in support of the analog choice bill, HB 4916. My Representative, Lee Chatfield is a co sponsor of the Bill. I just received a call yesterday from a member of the Cheboygan County Board of Commissioners, giving me strong indication that they will be passing a resolution in support of HB 4916. I also spoke to our town Supervisor. He is making copies of all the information I provided so he can have each Board member look it over. He has agreed to put me on the agenda for the July Township meeting. It's election season for this Board and I'm getting strong input that leads me to believe they will pass this resolution. I will let you know as soon as the resolutions are passed. Then we will be able add two more resolutions. The links to the copies of the resolutions you provided, Lapeer County, Brown City, and Marathon Township that Brock succeeded in getting passed, helped greatly as I was asked if I had something to go by, and what the resolution should say. They were very thankful for copies of these resolutions. I'm not sure when, but by all of us working together and sharing ideas, WE WILL SUCCEED!
    John Kurczewski, Indian River

    1. John, that is WONDERFUL! Thank you for your work as well! And thanks to Smart Meter Education Network of Michigan for the links to the resolutions passed in Lapeer County, Brown City, Marathon Township, and much more. Blessings!!!


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