Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Smart Meter Opt-Out Fees: Keeping Out of Harms Way Through Extortion

Image from Environmental Health Trust
Note how the USA, Australia & Canada limits far exceed other countries

This is what I said during the City of Battle Creek's City Commission meeting's General Public Comment time tonight, May 3, 2016:
In 2009, wireless subscribers reached an all-time high of 91% of the US population.  That was just seven years ago.  And now, our environment continues to become more and more saturated in electromagnetic radiation, from cell towers, antenna, and wireless devices, including gas, electric, and water smart meters. 
Electromagnetic hypersensitive was first called "radio wave sickness" by Russian doctors who were treating an occupational illness developed by many employees exposed to microwave or radio frequency radiation. 
Smart meters emit radio-frequency radiation in the microwave range, and many people, like me, unaware that a smart meter was installed on their home, quite suddenly begin developing symptoms of "radio wave sickness" electromagnetic hypersensitive: headaches, insomnia, fatigue, muscle aches, ringing in the ears, rashes, cognitive disturbances, and balance problems; though for some the symptoms take longer to develop. 
Sweden recognizes electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a "functional impairment," because it is caused by the environment.  In 2004, about 250,000 people in Sweden had been identified as electro-sensitive.  Spain classifies electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a "permanent disability."  And France names electromagnetic fields as the cause for not only electromagnetic hypersensitivity, but various forms of cancer, stating that children are the most vulnerable. 
The World Health Organization has recognized electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a "non-specific, multi-system illness," and has classified electromagnetic fields as possibly causing cancer, but has not connected the two. 
With the smart meter roll-out, we are being exposed to unnecessary electromagnetic radiation.  Why is this being allowed to happen?  
Follow the money...  
Governments have received enormous sums of money from the telecom industry to help finance this smart meter roll-out.  Telecom has done their own studies, but they are inconclusive as to whether or not smart meters harm us, though tens of thousand of independent studies DO show harm. 
This is why it is so important that you pass a Resolution modeling House Bill 4916, so we can opt-out of smart meters and their harm without having to pay what amounts to extortion fees to do so. 
Thank you for listening.  May we all truly be blessed!

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