Monday, June 13, 2016

Smart Meters & Denial

To the City Commissioners of Battle Creek, on Tuesday, June 7, 2016, I said:
I am one who became very sick from pulsed microwave radiation.  My symptoms began before knowing that radiation emitting public utility meters had been installed. 
Since connecting my symptoms with the radiation emitting public utility meters, I've been researching this subject. 
I've seen 100's of video testimonies of perhaps 1000's of people, from New York state to California, and many points in-between, and it's so interesting, because we don't know each other, but we are all saying the same or similar things, to people like you: city commissions, state governments, public utility commissions. 
I'm not the only one to experience a plethora of symptoms, the most common being: Insomnia, heart palpitations, anxiety and stress, unusual headaches, rashes, muscle cramps and twitches, extreme fatigue, balance problems and other neurological issues. 
And I'm not the only one who began to improve after radiation emitting public utility meters were either removed, or shielded. 
I'm not the only one to ask for proof of safety or data results from human safety testing with pulsed microwave radiation emitting public utility meters, to no avail from people like you. 
I'm not the only one to quote valiant doctors, medical professionals, scientists, engineers, electricians, and other professionals who are the first in the world to speak out against all of this wireless radiation we've suddenly been exposed to. 
I'm not the only one to ask for a halt to smart meter installations based upon not only my experience, but 1000's of published peer-reviewed studies that prove biological harm is being done by the pulsed microwave radiation from new public utility meters. 
And unfortunately, and astonishingly, you are not the only ones to take little or no meaningful action in response to requests from people like me.
During Commission Comments, Commissioner Gray once again brought up documentation the City of Battle Creek has regarding smart meters.  The City Manager indicated they had already provided everything they have.  Everything they have does not include human safety testing with smart meters, or any actual safety testing, at all.

After the Commission meeting, Commissioner Gray was walking by me, so I stopped her and told her that all the information the City had forwarded to me was inconclusive, and that there has been no human safety testing done with smart meters.

Her response was something about agreeing to disagree.

The above video is from the December 2, 2014 Michigan Oversight Committee Hearing on smart meters, and was apparently the last time public testimony about health complaints from smart meters was allowed in Michigan.  About 200 people spoke against smart meters at this one hearing, most of them citing health complaints that began after smart meter installation.

The woman who begins speaking at about 9 minutes in had a very similar experience as myself and countless others, not just in the United States, but from all over the world.  Many people worldwide are talking about negative health experiences after smart meter installation.

If you only listen to a few minutes of the above video, I suggest listening to the woman who starts speaking at about 40 minutes in, Cynthia Edwards, who quotes Linda Kurtz from the Smart Meter Education Network in Michigan.  Linda has spoken with numerous people regarding health effects from smart meters, and we're all saying the same, or very similar things.  Yet utility companies continue to install smart meters, or shut-off power, water, or natural gas if we don't want their smart meter or their unsafe opt-out meter.

Smart meters add to unnecessary non-ionizing microwave radiofrequency radiation in our environment.  We have not gone one generation with this level of man-made radiation, which is why it seems to me that health impacts people are experiencing right now need to be recognized if we are to avoid a potential health crisis.

Remember, it was "fringe" doctors who first started saying that cigarette smoking may be harmful to health.  Now there are "fringe" doctors, scientists, engineers, and other professionals warning us about adverse health impacts from wireless radiation.  How long will we stay in denial about it?

"A world that recognizes the value of every single life is a world coming out of denial."
Ralph H. Blum, The Healing Runes

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