Thursday, December 27, 2018

Electromagnetic Fields & Plant Life

Starling W. Childs, M.S., Geologist and Forestry Consultant, Adjunct Faculty, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, President, Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council:

"We've known, certainly, that electromagnetic fields affected trees..."

Of critical importance to humans, trees play a major role in producing the oxygen we breathe and cleaning carbon dioxide out of the air.  They also stabilize the environment, prevent erosion, and provide food and shelter for wildlife.  One large tree can provide a day's supply of oxygen for four people.

But trees, like humans, are affected by electromagnetic fields.

Cell towers (large mega-towers, 5G or 5th Generation small cells, DAS nodes/towers), antenna, smart meters and other wireless transmitting utility meters (electric, natural gas and water), WiFi, cellphones, and other wireless devices introduced in the U.S. within the last 40 years or so, all create electromagnetic fields we were not exposed to previously.

The majority of people in the U.S. were still using land-lines prior to 2002, and at that time Internet was "largely stationary," which means that everything was hard-wired, not wireless.  

More facts and information about the demographics of mobile device ownership and adoption in the U.S. can be found HERE

The above picture shows how one tree was damaged by a nearby cell tower.  More images and information on how "Wireless Kills Trees," can be found HERE.

This above image shows a vine surrounding a 'smart' meter in Ontario Canada, and the dangerous effects spiked (pulse modulated) transmitting utility meter radiation has.  Image and story HERE.

In a school experiment, the plate of cress seeds on the LEFT were germinated in a school room that had WiFi routers.  The plate on the RIGHT was germinated in another room without any WiFi routers.  

The cress on the left were clearly affected by the electromagnetic fields from the WiFi router.  Read the full story HERE.

Within the last several years, electromagnetic fields in our everyday environment have increased exponentially, and with the "roll-out" of 5G small cell towers, it will only increase more exponentially.

"Wireless radiation has biological effects.  Period." 

Instead of ignoring the evidence of harm done by wireless technology, let's begin to reduce our exposure so that we don't end up like the cress on the left, mutated and/or dead, prematurely.  

For more information on this seriously important topic, please see:

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