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Wireless Safety in Schools - Presentation by Cece Doucette

Cece Doucette 11/20/18 Public Comment to Massachusetts Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education

From the video description:

Good morning, my name is Cece Doucette from Ashland where we have become the first in the nation to post best practices for WiFi safety (Best Practices for Mobile Devices)

On November 1st the U.S. National Toxicology Program published the final report from their $30M study. They determined the radiofrequency radiation that carries our wireless signals causes DNA damage, brain and heart tumors.

The Ramazzini Institute in Italy found the same. (Understanding EMFs - Cancer)

It’s understandable that we’ve fallen for the industry’s all-WiFi-all-the-time messaging. As Harvard’s Captured Agency report indicates (Captured Agency: How the FCC is Dominated by the Industries it Presumably Regulates), the industry has been extremely effective at taking over federal agencies and deploying the big tobacco playbook to suppress evidence of harm while promoting their toxic products, even to our children.

Other studies show wireless radiation is a neurotoxin that can account for our skyrocketing rates of behavior issues, autism, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, cognitive impairment, insomnia, headaches, nosebleeds, skin abnormalities and more.

Children, the science shows, are especially vulnerable as they absorb more radiation than adults, and it’s cumulative. (Understanding EMFs - Impact on Children)

In April the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Consumer Protection wrote their own bill to examine wireless radiation and public health. It joins eight other bills this session to address man-made radiation. (Understanding EMFs - MA EMF Bills)

Last month, the New York Times investigated and published:
  • “A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley: I am convinced the devil lives in our phones.” 
  • A second article revealed, “The Digital Gap Between Rich and Poor Kids Is Not What We Expected: America’s public schools are still promoting devices with screens — even offering digital-only preschools. The rich are banning screens from class altogether.” (The Digital Gap Between Rich and Poor Kids Is Not What We Expected)

I recommend you see Generation Zapped at your earliest convenience (Generation Zapped).

There were three local screenings last week:
  • At one, a seasoned first-grade teacher said the children come to school now exhausted, with behavioral issues and unable to focus on learning. 
  • At another, a Northeastern University professor said all her students are on Adderall, and are offering it to her because she herself experiences migraines and nausea several times a week. 
  • At the third, a woman indicated she got walloped with vertigo just walking in downtown Boston because of the 5G antennas being installed on the street poles. 
It’s time to protect ourselves and all of our children with safe hard-wired technology and put a moratorium on toxic wireless radiation.

The non-profit Wireless Education has built on-line courses and can quickly train our schools (Wireless Education - Schools & Families Course).

The packet I’ve given you provides additional resources. 

We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but we do owe it to our children this school year to prioritize their well-being over the corporate agendas we unwittingly bought into.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Also provided is the policy solution book, Reinventing Wires (Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines & Networks).

Note: this meeting was the day before Thanksgiving break, and we'd all driven there in a snow storm so folks were a little giddy. Please don't confuse the jovial comments at the beginning and end of the video with the seriousness of the wireless radiation facts.

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