Friday, December 14, 2018

Governor Snyder Signs Michigan's 5G Bills

Gov. Snyder Signs Bills To Ease Shift To 5G Wireless Technology

This story should read:

Gov. Snyder has signed legislation that strips control of public right of way space from local authorities while giving telecom companies billions of dollars worth of Michigan's real estate space for a pittance.

The dense network of "small cells" will exponentially increase levels of microwave radiofrequency (RF) radiation in neighborhoods all across Michigan. RF radiation has clear carcinogenic effects (see the National Institute of Health - National Toxicology Program cellphone radiation study peer review results released earlier this year).

This legislation has met opposition from the citizens of Michigan since the very first hearing in Michigan's senate on November 2, 2017. By signing this legislation into law, Snyder has shown the people of Michigan how, once again, industry is more important than the health and wellness of the people.

Also, Michigan news agencies have done an excellent job ignoring the grassroots resistance to Michigan's 5G bills.

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