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We Are The Evidence | Dafna Tachover & David

(From the video description):

We apologize for the poor recording, nonetheless it is the message David conveys which is important. David was asked by Dafna Tachover to speak at a conference in Edina, Minnesota on Dec. 16th, 2018. Here is David's speech...

I was going to give the speech I did for 4H but it was judged as too scary so I decided to make copies for you to take home. I'm standing here tonight because my mom has microwave illness and it has truly been a scary ride. I know from personal experience that many people don't believe, I see it with our own family. What I am going to try to do with the help of my mom and dad is prove to you that you are being affected, every day, 24/7. Feel free to talk with my parents later. My dad who is an electrician can show how you are affected with a simple experiment later using a voltometer.. (The HF38B meter was discussed prior to his speech and he mentions this during his talk, skipping this paragraph.)

Right now I am going to let you hear the microwaves we are being exposed to with this meter called an HF 38B Analyser. It can measure from 800 megahertz to 2.5 gigahertz which means it can track cell phones, cell towers, smart meters etc. I want to impress upon you that the radiation this meter is picking up is what is going right through your body right now, and it is not healthy.

What became a turning point in my mom's growing health issues occurred when mom ended up in the ER for a heart attack. I was scared to death looking at her on the ground. I don't like to think of it. After going through the cardiologists tests my mom was told that nothing was wrong with her, that her heart was stronger than the average person! This made my parents upset, because they had been going to a lot of doctors and had been getting the same response. We knew she was not well, and it was getting worse. My dad who had worked for the Dresden nuclear facility then took a step back and looked at the big picture realizing that mom was showing signs of radiation sickness. He immediately took action...

A professional was hired to come to our home. He brought cases of really cool equipment and he checked our home inside and out. We got rid of the cordless phones, microwave, WiFi and kept our cell phones off, the pro also found a ton of dirty electricity coming in through our water line. He did what he could but unfortunately it was not enough for my mom's sake. Our neighborhood had just had smart meters deployed and though we refused one our neighbor's meter which was facing our home was blowing pulsed radiation right through us every 8 to 10 seconds 24/7! The pro also showed us the readings coming from the cell towers surrounding us, and to top it off we were a block away from the high line wires.

Just to make it bearable for my mom until we found a place my dad bought foil backed insulation boards and we made the most awesome forts to live in. My friend Charlie loved it.

I shared this story not because I want people to feel sorry for me, they should feel sorry for the ones who like my mom are misdiagnosed. 

We are now looking at moving to Idaho where my mom will be able to go outside ALL day in a far more healthy environment for us all. I am excited and so is my dad. We are a family that knows the truth, regardless of those who do not believe us, we know, and we'll keep informing those who'll heed our warning, for WE ARE THE EVIDENCE.

Thank you.

Radar utilizes frequencies in the same range as cell phones and WiFi. Full Text of study - Radio frequency radiation-related cancer: assessing causation in the occupational/military setting.

(And the first comment authored by the video channel):

Below is the 4H speech David mentions, which was termed as too "scary." David received 1st alternative to state for this speech titled You, Me & 5G... How many of you have a smart home? If you do it is an unhealthy home. What if I told you ALL biological life here on Earth is in danger?...and that this danger is something you cannot see, hear, taste or feel unless you've become sensitive to it? Have any of you wondered about the massive die off of the world's bee population.

Our world has had one significant change that I would like to mention, and it has occurred within the last 125 years, that change is man made radiation from electricity. From your cell phone to nuclear subs, radiation is permeating our planet affecting ALL biological life and the accumulative effects will continue to cause harm with the introduction of 5G.

You may ask, what is 5G? To put it bluntly 5G is solely for the purpose of machines, not biological beings. Those who sing its praise say it will usher in a new age for the Internet of Things, or IoT by connecting all wireless devices. This Internet of THINGS, NOT BEINGS, should give us pause because it is being deployed without the public's knowledge, and it's implementation is going against the proven warnings from doctors and scientists alike worldwide whose main concern is the damage to our health from accumulated exposure to this radiation.

The people who push 5G care about money and control. Consider this fact...5G has NOT been shown to be safe, but then again 4G, 3G, 2G, our smart meters, and cell phones haven't been proven safe either. In fact quite the opposite! So with this knowledge would you believe them?

Think about the hundreds of thousands of deaths from smoking, asbestos, mercury, PCBs & lead paint all said to be safe at one time. Unlike smoking, there is no way you can get away from the radiation we are being exposed to daily. Some say 5G will be great, but for who? Are we just going to take THEIR word for it?

Think about it this way...cell phone use has grown rapidly and like drug pushers, the product has been juiced up and we've become addicted to this tech. They know this, and like drug pushers they act with little to no regard concerning the damage their product is doing to our health.

Scientist's have shown that there is extensive cellular damage from microwave radiation at levels far lower than what it takes to heat tissue. We are surrounded by radiation in and outside of our homes from baby monitors to cell towers, even our cars are drowning us in damaging radiation. 5G will put millions of radiation emitting cells on our buildings, bus stops, and street lights. These mini cell towers will even be put in our front yards! Would you want this in front of your home?

A newly published study out of Israel clearly shows 5G frequencies will affect all biological beings.

In 2017 more than 180 doctors and scientists from 35 countries around the world presented a scientific appeal stating the deadly affects from this radiation.

It has been scientifically proven repeatedly that there is a link between wireless radiation and a host of serious illness. Unfortunately people who start to succumb to the effects are often misdiagnosed, in many cases their symptoms are deemed hereditary when it could clearly be shown to be environmental.

We are all different and because of this our symptoms are also. Look at Lyme's to see how varied the reactions are, so to with radiation.

For some it may simply start as headaches and or fatigue, for others it may be ADHD, but as the gradual accumulation of radiation continues the individual symptoms will become more pronounced and health issues pile on top of what your body is already expressing.

At some point all those symptoms could become life threatening.

Each and every one of you sitting here today are being affected, right here, right now. So the question I would like to leave you with is this...

What are you going to do about it? 

Thank you.


  1. The truth is many people are affected but many also don't know to link those symptoms or illnesses with the radiation exposure. So many got ill after the deployment of the smart meter. Still, the government and utility defend themselves by simply saying "there is no proof that the meters made you ill". END OF STORY. The affected people are forced from their homes and from society even. No ability to work or to support themselves or their family, they are basically stripped of everything. And nobody can help them. The politicians are not educated in this issue and many prefer to remain willfully ignorant. Meanwhile, honest, hardworking people are left to become homeless and penniless. Some even being forced to end their lives. Meanwhile the wireless industry and the utilities profit handsomely. We MUST hep these people to regain the quality of life that everyone else enjoys and prevent more people from falling victim to this.

  2. Thank you for your excellent comment, Ronnie. It sounds like you understand the truth of this situation.


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