Sunday, August 9, 2015

Misleading Newsletter

"Battle Creek Current" is the name of the City of Battle Creek's community bi-monthly newsletter.  You can see it here.  

In the August 2015 issue, the newsletter announces that Consumers Energy is beginning meter changes for gas and electric customers this summer and in 2016, in Battle Creek and surrounding areas.

The article calls these new meters "upgraded electric meters," that will give the company daily meter reads through the cellular telephone network.

Nowhere in the article do they call these new meters:

Radio frequency devices.

But they are.

Of course, that could just be an oversight.  An "oops!"  However...

Smart, wireless, radio frequency devices cause ill effects on 3% to 5% of the population.

Why would numerous cities and counties in California, the state known to be a forerunner when it comes to decisions for the health and safety of their citizens, be banning these devices, or putting a moratorium on their installation, if they were so safe and benign?  

Officials of the City of Battle Creek, please feel free to comment.

May You Be Blessed!

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