Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Battle Creek City Commission Meeting

It was a long City Commission meeting last night, with lots of drama.  I gave my comment about smart meters at about 46:48 minutes in, which can be viewed here.  The audio is somewhat off sync with the video, but still very understandable.

Towards the end of the meeting, one of the Commissioners asked the City Manger if there was an opt-out program that I could become a part of.  She replied that they were working on an opt-out program.    

And it just occurred to me that the idea of an "opt-out" program is backwards, because we never opted-IN to the City's wireless program in the first place.  We were tricked into having the wireless devices installed, without our knowledge or consent.  

Analogue Water Meter

The "old-fashioned" ANALOGUE meters have a 100-year history of safety, and last an average of 30 to 50 years.  The new, so-called smart meters (wireless/radio/electronic/upgraded/digital meters), do not have a history of safety.  Actually quite the opposite.  Here and here are some links about that.  Plus, the new smart meters that were installed only a few years ago are already failing. 

After the meeting, I met another resident who has been adversely affected by a smart meter.  She and her husband were actually forced into taking a smart meter by the City of Battle Creek Water Department, with the threat of water shut-off if they did not comply.

So not only have they been sneaking these wireless devices onto private property without the knowledge or consent of the property owners, but they've been threatening property owners with water shut-off if they don't agree to having one of these radio devices installed.

And the line from an old Gene Pitney song comes to mind, "What a town without pity can do."

As I was leaving, a uniformed police officer turned to me and said that he really likes what I say at the end of my speeches, blessing everyone, and that he could really feel that I mean it, and that "we could use more people like you."  

I smiled and said, 

"We start with one."

He smiled and agreed.

Here is a transcript of what I said: 

Regarding Vice Mayor Gray's comment to me at the last City Commission meeting, which was in response to my deep concern about the safety of the smart meters the Water Department, and all of our utility companies, have been installing, neither Ms. Gray nor any of you, have been able to provide actual studies, documenting the safety of smart meters, while more and more evidence that smart meters cause harm continues to surface. 
There are 57 jurisdictions opposed to the installation of smart meters in California, a state known to be a forerunner when it comes to the health and safety of their citizens, and 15 have passed ordinances making smart meter installations illegal.  Now Nevada City, NV, is proposing a ban on smart meters.
Hundreds of medical doctors and other health professionals are requesting moratoriums on the installations of smart meters because they are seeing the effects these meters are having on their patients. 
Ms. Gray's email mentioned the FCC in reference to the smart meter manufacturer's documents.  The fact is that the FCC refuses to regulate low frequency radiation.  The new FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, has been active in the over-a-trillion-dollar-a-year wireless industry since the mid-1970's.  And now he's in a position to regulate the very industry that has been his bread and butter.  That is what's called a fox guarding the hen-house, and could explain the lack of regulation by the FCC.
Ms. Gray's email mentioned the World Health Organization in reference to the smart meter manufacturer's documents.  The fact is that there is an appeal in front of the World Health Organization, signed by over 200 doctors, scientists, engineers, and PhD's, requesting that the World Health Organization's  guidelines and regulatory standards be strengthened in regards to radio frequency radiation, based upon over 2,000 scientific studies that mostly demonstrate neurological and physiological damage from prolonged exposure to the kind of low frequency radiation generated by smart meters. 
Those who are more quickly adversely affected by smart meters, the proverbial canaries in the coal mine, are currently approximately 5% of the population, and we have a right to be safe from harm from utility company's equipment.
Just as Battle Creek was the first in the nation to honor the needs of the disabled by making curb cuts, there is still time for Battle Creek to be the first, at least in the mid-west, to recognize the difficult truth about smart meters and the harm they cause, by imposing a ban or moratorium on the installation of smart meters within the City of Battle Creek. 
Thank you for listening.  May you all be blessed!


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