Friday, August 7, 2015

Canary In The Coal Mine

Domestic canaries have long been known as an animal sentinel for men who worked in coal mines.  Before coal miners started bringing canaries into coal mines with them, miners would occasionally succumb to undetectable toxic gases that filled up the coal mine shaft, with no one aware of what was happening.

In the early 1900's, a man named John Scott Haldane, a Scottish physiologist, first proposed bringing canaries, or other warm blooded animals, into coal mines to act as an early warning sign.  Canaries, being delicate and sensitive creatures, would show the effects of breathing toxic gases before human beings, and helped save the lives of countless coal miners who took heed of the early warning sign the canary gave with it's life.

Now the term "canary in the coal mine," is being used in reference to people like me, who are hypersensitive to radio frequencies.  Are we really the early warning sign that something is amiss?  An estimated 3% to 10% of the population are hypersensitive to radio frequencies, and experience mild to debilitating reactions.  I've also heard that approximately 35% of the population experience some type of effects, though most don't even realize it.

A few months ago, I became extremely concerned when I learned that the Commissioners of the City of Battle Creek had approved the installation of smart meter/radio transmitting devices by the Water Department, and immediately emailed the Commissioners about my concerns.  That didn't get me very far.  They sent me two documents from the manufacturer, stating that these devices were safe.  Of course the manufacturer is going to tell us that they are safe.  I'm looking for independent third-party long-term, peer-reviewed studies, and I don't think they exist.

Having reached a dead end with my initial contact with the City of Battle Creek's Commissioner Helmboldt and City Manager Fleury, I then started making comments during the Battle Creek City Commission meetings, in hopes of educating the Commissioners about these devices.  It is my desire that the Commissioners of Battle Creek reconsider their decision to allow the installations of these smart meter/radio transmitting devices that cause harm to some, if not ALL people, not to mention the birds, bees, and other forms of life.  

We ALL have a right to not be harmed by utility company's equipment.

In California, the state known for being the first in many health and safety related decisions, dozens of cities and counties have either banned smart meters, or have put a moratorium on their installation, citing, among other things, possible health risks.  I've also learned that over 30 municipalities in Michigan (where I'm at) have 
passed resolutions against smart meters due to concerns about safety, security, and health affects.  

The first two posts of my "smart-meter-saga" are on my other blog:

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However, I will continue posting my smart meter saga here, until it becomes no longer necessary, or I move to California, or New Mexico, or...

Thank you for reading ~ May We All Be Blessed!

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