Wednesday, July 12, 2017

This Isn't About Fear

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A few months back I attended a small convention where I sat at a table with other Michigan Analog Meter Choice advocates.  We were there to offer information about the new electronic public utility meters, and why it had become necessary to support legislation that would protect us from forced installations of these new meters.

At one point, I was approached by a woman who wanted to tell me something.  "I'm not afraid of smart meters", she said in a somewhat hushed tone.  

We talked for several minutes, and even laughed together a few times, though she continued to repeat, "I'm not afraid of smart meters."  It was as if she didn't hear what I was saying about the real issues with electronic and smart meters.  

She repeated one more time, "I'm not afraid of smart meters", and we bid each other farewell.

Perhaps she sees some of the information about smart meters as fear-mongering.  But...

This isn't about fear or being afraid of anything.

This is about our rights as human beings.

This is about property rights and human rights.

This is about homeland security and our personal security.

This is about our privacy, safety, and health.

This is about the health of our children and grandchildren.

This is about our rights that utility companies are trying to take away from us.

This is about protection from monopoly utility companies who are shutting-off power to paying customers for not accepting a meter that has lots of proven issues.

This is about legislation that will protect our rights as human beings.

This isn't about fear.

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