Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Message To Analog Meter Choice Advocates in Michigan

We only need a couple more votes to get HB 4220 out of the Energy Policy Committee, and on to the full House of Representatives.  We are so close to achieving this!

If you haven't already, please ask HB 4220 supportive representatives, not on the committee, for their help.

If your representative is not on the Energy Policy Committee but has told you they do support HB 4220, please call them today!

Please ask them to speak with one or more of their colleagues on the Energy Policy Committee who have not yet committed to a "YES" vote.  

Here's a suggestion of what you can say:

  • Hello Representative _______, my name is _______, and I am one of your constituents.
  • I need your help getting HB 4220, analog utility meter choice legislation, out of committee.
  • Please speak with one or more of your colleagues on the Energy Policy Committee who have not yet committed to a "YES" vote.
  • Please ask them to support HB 4220!  
  • Thank you!

You can suggest one or more of the following Energy Policy Committee representatives who have not yet committed to a "YES" vote:  

  • Beth Griffin
  • Roger Hauck
  • Beau LaFave
  • James Lower
  • Jim Tedder
  • Joseph Bellino
  • Tim Sneller
  • Darrin Camilleri
  • Scott Dianda
  • Brian Elder
  • Patrick Green

These are the representatives believed to support HB 4220, who are not on the Energy Policy Committee:

  • Sue Allor - phone 517-373-0833 or 231-833-0700
  • Edward Canfield - phone 517-373-0476
  • Lee Chatfield - phone 517-373-2629 or 231-881-0287
  • John Chirkun - phone 517-373-0854 or 586-943-8937
  • Christine Grieg - phone 517-373-1793 or 248-238-3969
  • Shane Hernandez - phone 517-373-0835 or 517-798-6212
  • Kevin Hertel - phone 517-373-1180 or 586-596-5411
  • Michele Hoitenga - phone 517-373-1747 or 231-878-3888
  • Pamela Hornberger - phone 517-373-8931 or 586-850-4286
  • Gary Howell - phone 517-373-1800
  • Martin Howrylak - phone 517-373-1783 or 248-952-8683
  • Holly Hughes - phone 517-373-3436 or 231-894-5956
  • Tim Kelly - phone 517-373-0837 or 989-906-6759
  • Robert Kosowski - phone 517-373-2576 or 734-467-1798
  • Frank Liberati - phone 517-373-0845 
  • Peter Lucido - phone 517-373-0834 or 586-206-3133
  • Michael McCready - phone 517-373-8670 or 248-930-1555
  • Jeremy Moss - phone 517-373-1788 or 248-819-1802
  • Jeff Noble  - phone 517-373-3816
  • Rose Mary Robinson - phone 517-373-1008 or 313-832-2675
  • Jim Runestad - phone 517-373-2616 or 248-779-7085
  • Lana Theis - phone 517-373-1784 or 517-515-5550
  • Jason Wentworth - phone 517-373-8962
  • Henry Yanez - phone 517-373-2275
  • Adam Zemke - phone 517-373-1792 or 734-645-3186

If your representative is one of the supporters listed immediately above, please call them today and ask them to speak with one or more of their colleagues on the Energy Policy Committee!

If you're not sure who your representative is, you can find that information here.

If you have any questions about this, please email, and add that address to your contacts list to assure messages go to your Primary Inbox.

Thank you for all you do to help this legislation!
Please share this message with family and friends.


  1. I have written several times for his to just tell me he isn't any part of this committee and pretty much is blowing this off. He said he voted for Consumers Energy to be able to regulate as they wish as he thought this was best for We had a conversation on that one and told him how wrong he was. So far he will do nothing and I have written others in our district in congress and they either do not respond or I get a form letter. So frustrating we vote for these people and they really are not for "We The People" at all!

    1. Sonja, have you called the Energy Policy Committee members yet? Committee members represent ALL Michigan citizens when on committee, so your calls to them count! Here's a link to the Energy Policy Committee members where you can click-through to get their contact info:

    2. No I have not done that, but I will. Thank you. I will be in touch.


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