Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Just the Facts, Man

In response to this news article:  Michigan 'smart meter' hearing elicits fears, this is what I wrote to the Editor of the Detroit News and the author of the article:

Dear Editor and Mike Gerstein (writer),

"Studies" may have shown our "concerns are unfounded", however experience has not. 

Michigan has never before had over 2 million so-called "smart" and/or electronic public utility meters installed.  Ever.  So logically, experience should override "studies". 

And there's a big difference between experience, and fears.  Take a look at the testimonies of people who attended the 2014 Michigan Oversight Committee hearing on smart meters.  They were talking about experience, for the most part.  Not fears. 

As was stated at yesterday's Energy Committee hearing, industry-funded studies predominantly "don't show any associated health risks."  While NON-industry-funded studies DO show "associated health risks."  So who are you going to believe?

DTE's opt-out fees are HIGHER than you reported, and even the digital opt-out meter collects granulated data that is downloaded by DTE when they read the meter. 

And Kurmas admitted that it was like "standing next to their old analog meter."  Some consider this an invasion of privacy, that the utility company will be able to know exactly how much electricity one is using, and exactly when.

You wrote, "it's not clear if the meters pose an increased cancer risk."  So who is the utility company to determine if I want to subject myself to a possible increased risk of cancer? 

I can choose to expose myself to the radiofrequency radiation of a cell phone, or not.  I can choose to expose myself to the potentially carcinogenic effects of cigarette smoke, or not.  I would like to RETAIN the RIGHT to choose my (potential) carcinogens, and smart meters emit a potential carcinogen. 

The "older equipment" lasts at least twice as long as the new equipment, smart meters, so when utility companies talk about "maintaining older equipment," they're talking about LESS maintenance than smart meters.

HB 4220 would not only protect my property rights, it would protect my privacy and my right to choose the carcinogens I'm exposed to.

Jeanine Deal

Battle Creek, MI

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