Thursday, February 23, 2017

Michigan: A Call For Help, Please!

US Representative Justin Amash gave a town hall meeting here in Battle Creek today, and I attended.  He began by speaking about, among other things, George Washington's warning that political parties will divide the country, and a divided country would be easier to manipulate.  He also mentioned protecting people's rights.

Rep. Amash is a member of the Fourth Amendment Caucus, which made me hopeful he would be at least open to my comments and question.

"Justin A. Amash is an American attorney and Republican member of Congress.  In January 2011, he began serving as the U.S. Representative for Michigan's 3rd congressional district."  (From Wikipedia)

When Rep. Amash called on me, I said:
Many people here in Michigan, including myself, have already become ill from wireless technology, including new electronic, sometimes called "smart", public utility meters.  In fact, there's a Bill in the State House, HB 4220, that will allow public utility customers the choice to keep an analog meter without having to pay extra to do so, which means there's growing public and political interest in this topic. 
S. 19 Mobile Now Act, and H.Res. 53 (has a long name) Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that in order to continue aggressive growth in the Nation's telecommunications and technology industries, the United States Governmnet should "Get Out of the Way and Stay Out of the Way" ... both S. 19 and H.Res. 53 will enable telecommunication companies to continue rapid deployment of wireless technology infrastructure that has not been proven safe and has in fact been making some very sick. 
There is a growing epidemic of illness from wireless technology that is for the most part being ignored. 
S. 19 and H.Res. 53 will further ignore this growing epidemic. 
Please tell me where you stand on these issues.
Rep. Amash was not familiar with either of these two pieces of legislation, and said he was not convinced there were health effects, and that the studies didn't show it.

I'm not sure what "studies" he's read, but I will most certainly get him the NON-industry funded studies that more often than not, show harmful effects from wireless technology.

Some people in the audience (and all the seats were full, plus there were people standing) began shouting while Amash was answering me:  
"Do your research!"
I had some support in the audience.  So I approached Rep. Amash again and said, 
Never before in the history of Michigan have we had over 2 million smart and electronic public utility meters installed.
He repeated that he wasn't convinced there were any health issues.

This is my call for help:

If you live in Michigan's 3rd Congressional District, please contact US Rep. Amash and voice your concern about the rapid deployment of wireless technology infrastructure, despite a growing health crisis of electrosensitivity.

HERE is Rep. Amash's contact information.

Thank you!  Bless us all!

For more information about electrosensitivity, please see:

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