Monday, January 23, 2017

Senator Thune & 5G Technology

Letter to Senator Thune in response to Kevin Mottus's request in the above video (at about 5 minutes in):
January 23, 2017 
Dear Senator Thune, 
Topic selected was "Telecommunications and the Internet" because it was the closest to the topic I wish to address, which is the Mobile Now Act, 5G technology, and wireless radiation health effects. 
We know that people are getting brain tumors from cell phones, and neurological effects from other electronic and wireless technology (smart meters, WiFi, cell towers, antenna, etc). 
The Mobile Now Act, which you have introduced, will put 5G technology, high frequency microwave radiation into our environment, and will certainly make even more people sick. 
This high frequency radiation has never been tested for biological effects.  Because it pulses more, and has more waves per second, people will get sicker, faster, with 5G technology. 
Current safety standards are sorely inadequate. 
Here are a few links to critical information concerning health effects from wireless and electronic technology: 
Please do everything to can to assure the safety of the people of America by stopping the Mobile Now Act, stopping the 5G roll-out, stopping the smart meter roll-out, and invoking the Precautionary Principle in regards to all wireless and electronic technology. 
Most Sincerely, 
Jeanine Deal
I encourage YOU to call or write Senator Thune also.  Feel free to use my letter, though it would be better if you stated it in your own words.

Bless us all! 

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