Saturday, January 21, 2017

I Am Hopeful

Last night I went to a Conservative Republican convention, called "Battle Cry Michigan," held at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant.

I had been invited to sit at the "Utility Meter Choice 4 Michigan" vendor table, and chat with people as they stopped, and I'm really glad I went.  

I voted 3rd party, not for Trump, however, I loved the energy of the people in that convention room.

They were hopeful, confident, and resolved.

They were certain that life for Americans would get better, that endless wars would begin to diminish, and that America would become "fair" again, among other things.  And they seemed determined to help make it all happen, as well.

Most of the people who stopped at the Utility Meter Choice 4 Michigan table agreed with us: 

Michigan public utility customers need an analog choice when it comes to utility metering.

Several had already formed an opinion of "smart" and electronic public utility meters.  Some of the comments I heard:
"This is how they can hack into our homes."
"They create a privacy issue."  
"They mess with my radio."
 "I've seen them at fires."
"Of course they mess with our central nervous system."
These were professional people, for the most part, making these comments.  How refreshing to be among so many people who saw beyond the rhetoric of "smart," electronic, and wireless technology.

Some even knew of the link between wireless technology and cancer.

Those who had not already contacted their Michigan state representatives and senators regarding analog choice legislation, promised to do so.  

And a few had already seen the excellent "smart" meter documentary, "Take Back Your Power," by Josh Del Sol. 

It was a "feel-good" evening, making me very hopeful for the future of utility meter choice legislation in Michigan.

You can read the Michigan Utility Meter Choice Bill here.  [Update March 30, 2017:  The bill number for no-fee analog choice legislation introduced in 2017 is HB 4220 and can be found here.  Some of the verbiage will be changed to remove any ambiguity regarding being able to retain an analog meter or have an electronic meter replaced with an analog meter.]  I feel that it is well written and should not be changed.  It allows all public utility customers the option to keep analog public utility meters on their homes at no extra charge, save $5 a month IF we do not report our own meter reading.

May we all be blessed!

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