Friday, February 5, 2016

Freedom, Democracy & Smart Meters in Battle Creek, Michigan

To the City Commissioners of Battle Creek, Michigan, on Tuesday, February 2, 2015, I spoke:
When you said "yes" to smart meters, did you realize you were taking away our freedom of choice in regards to being exposed to wireless technology?  
Did you realize that you were denying us a democratic process with public awareness and public input on what you were planning on doing?  
Did you realize that some people were ALREADY avoiding or limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields because of KNOWN sensitivities?  
Did you realize that some men, women, and children were having immediate and severe adverse health reactions after smart meter installation?  
We used to think lead paint was safe, and asbestos, and smoking cigarettes.  Medical doctors used to ADVERTISE cigarettes!  That is, until nay-sayers started to surface. 
Those who profited from lead paint, asbestos, and cigarette sales scrambled for evidence that their products were safe.  
You have scrambled to find information about smart meters and safety.  
With lead paint, asbestos, and cigarette smoking, eventually the actual documented proof of harm could not be denied, and was finally accepted.  
Proof of harm done by smart meters has also been documented.  There are 1000's and 1000's of case studies done by independent medical doctors and scientists who have nothing to gain EXCEPT PUBLIC HEALTH.  
They claim we are headed toward a public health crisis in regards to our exposure to wireless radiation, including smart meters.  
I KNOW the harm because I experience it.  
We have not gone ONE generation with all these cell towers, antennas, cell phones, smart meters & other wireless gadgets, INCLUDING baby monitors.  We have not gone one generation with baby monitors. 
If you are to error in regards to Public Health in Battle Creek, is it not best you error on the side of caution?  
It's a matter of freedom...  HEALTH freedom.  Having to pay for that freedom, is not free.
Thank you for listening.  May you all truly be blessed! 
The video link to the entire City Commission meeting is here, and my comment starts at about 55:30.

I was not the only one who spoke about smart meter Tuesday night.  A few other people complained about the new "smart" radio transmitting water meters.  And one woman threatened the City with a Class Action Lawsuit.

There was quite a bit of discussion among the Commissioners and the City Manager at the end of the meeting regarding the new utility meters and what the City of Battle Creek Water Department has done in regards to lack of notifications to customers before installations. 

And the story continues...

For more information about new utility meters and the "opt-out" meters that are also causing physical harm please see:

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