Friday, December 4, 2015

Rapidly Changing Times

Following is the three minute comment I gave at the December 1st Battle Creek City Commission meeting.  

The video of the meeting is here.  "General Public Comments" begins at about 48:00 and my comment begins at about 53:40.


I'm here to talk about the wireless technology that is being used by the Water Department, and all over.

We are living in rapidly changing times. When I was growing up in Chicago, no one had a cell phone, not even the Moms.

  • Today, most Moms and children have cell phones. 

We are now also seeing more and more schools installing WiFi for wireless laptops and tablets the students use on a daily basis. 
  • There was no WiFi, not even in Chicago, when I was growing up.
And recently we’ve been introduced to smart meters, though not all of the new wireless utility meters are called smart meters. Some are called encoder-receiver-transmitters. But the one thing they all have in common is that they are wireless devices that communicate with cell towers or antennas by sending multiple micro-pulses of radiation throughout our homes, and our bodies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is what is called continuous low-level exposure.

Cancer clusters have been developing in areas where people live, work, or go to school close to cell towers. 

People are developing cancerous tumors in body areas where cell phones are held or stored.

Some parents have sued their child’s school, claiming the WiFi is making their children very sick. Parents are forming independent groups for safer use of technology in schools because they can see the harmful effects wireless has on their children, yet school officials aren't doing anything.

We hear small children describing “flash headaches” while walking by a smart meter, and heart palpitations when opening up wireless laptops in schools.

Current FCC guidelines are based upon the assumption that wireless signals are received from just ONE transmitting antenna at a distance. However, we are no longer exposed to just one transmitting antenna, let alone at a distance.

Within a 4 mile radius of where we are right now, you wont believe how many cell towers.  Guess!  Eighty-one.  There are 81 cell towers and 253 antennas.

We have not gone one generation with the level of wireless technology that is commonplace today. The science is showing that it’s long-term continuous low-level exposure that leads to serious injury in health.  See

If we are to error in regards to wireless technology, is it not best that we error on the side of caution?

Thank you for listening ~ May We All Truly Be Blessed!



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