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Censorship & Signs

Total Solar Eclipse seen in Belitung, Indonesia, Wednesday, March 9, 2016 (AP Photo)

Following are my comments given during the Wednesday, March 9, 2016 Battle Creek, Michigan, City Commission meeting...

Consent Agenda Comment

The minutes (of the previous City Commission meeting) state in three places, simply, "Public comment took place."  Nowhere in the minutes was it recorded who spoke, or what they spoke about.

I feel this is a gross lack of transparency and a form of censorship. 

Perhaps that was not your intention, but it is what it is. 

With no information in the minutes about who spoke and what they spoke about, the only public record there is of who spoke and what they spoke about, is in the AccessVision video (recording of the City Commission meeting), which is not always reliable.  Sometimes the meeting doesn't record, which means there would be absolutely no public record of public comments. 

Proposed Ordinance 03-2016 Comment

Currently the public is allowed eleven minutes total to comment on City business.  Now you want to reduce that by 27%.

You say you welcome public comment, but it is deeds, not words.

The proposed Ordinance states, "...very few comment on the consent agenda, so they do not anticipate that these changes will infringe upon public participation."

How can you anticipate when the public is going to participate?  

Recent history may show that few comment, but those who do comment, sometimes fill the allotted time and could even use more!

When you reduce public comment time from eleven minutes to eight minutes, you reduce it by 27%.  How does that not infringe upon public participation?

Passing this Ordinance will most definitely infringe upon public participation, because the public will have only eight minutes total to comment, as opposed to eleven (which is a 27% reduction in Public Comment time).

If you say you welcome public comment, show it in your deeds, not just your words.

General Public Comment

We truly are on a new frontier. Never before in our history have civilians used the level of wireless technology that is commonplace today. 

Is it not a sign, that smart meters are involved in numerous lawsuits in Michigan, throughout the United States, and the world? 


Never.  Before smart meters.  Had I heard of customers suing utility companies over their equipment.  Had you?  Yet it's becoming more and more commonplace today with smart meters. 

Even the City of Battle Creek has even been threatened recently with a smart meter lawsuit.

The precautionary principle or approach states that if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or environment, and if scientific consensus is in conflict, the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking an action, which is you in regards to your smart meters.

You have totally ignored the precautionary approach in regards to smart meters.  Not only did you tell me that you did not have independent proof of safety of these meters before you started forcing them upon some customers, but now we know that scientific consensus is mixed at best, and points to most definite harm at worst.

I've read a number of the scientific studies that show that smart meters harm us.  But I didn't have to read the studies to know the truth of it.  I am one who can feel non-ionizing radiation, the type of pulsed radiation emitted by smart meters, unlike most people.

Are you going to continue ignoring the tens-of -thousands of more recent non-industry funded studies showing the harmful effects of smart meter pulsed radiation?

And are you going to continue ignoring the call from 1000's of professionals worldwide for revised wireless safety standards, including the end of smart meters?

Or, are you going to exercise the precautionary principle, and do something like what Marysville, Michigan has done?  (Marysville, Michigan, recently passed a resolution for a no-fee smart meter opt-out, enabling utility customers to keep their analog utility meters without having to pay extra to do so.)

Thank you for listening.  May you all truly be blessed.

Some after thoughts...

Within the last 30 or so years, we've had nearly a 100% increase in "civilian" use of wireless technology.  When I was growing up, no one had cell phones, not even parents.  It seems like there were a few adults who had pagers, but it wasn't common.  

Not only have we seen nearly a 100% increase in cell phone use in the last 30 or so years, but along with cell phones came cell towers, antenna, WiFi, wireless home phones, baby monitors, tablets, lap tops, other wireless devices, and now smart meters.

We've jumped into this wireless world head-first.  


The number one form of cancer in adolescents in the United States today is brain cancer.  

And today's adolescents are the ones who've grown up with this nearly 100% increase in wireless technology use: Cell phones, lap tops, WiFi, cell towers, antennas, baby monitors, and now smart meters...

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