Thursday, September 1, 2016

Knowledge Is Useless Unless It's Used

I love how Richard Kimberley, in his blog post titled "What You MUST Know," compares becoming electro-sensitive with a glass slowly being filled with drops of water:
"Imagine a glass under a dripping tap.  You are the glass and the drips are microwave radiation. As the glass fills up throughout your life, there’s no cause for alarm, no damage is perceived as being done.  However, once that glass fills to the top, the trouble is about to start.  The final drip overflows the glass and now we have a mess.  You can move the glass away from the tap, but only a little of the contents will evaporate.  One or two more drips, and we’re overflowing again."
Most people don't feel microwave radiation.  That is, until they do.  When their glass overflows.

Cell phones were no problem for me.  Until they were.  After several months of cell phone use, I started to feel pain and a burning sensation in my "phone ear."  My glass was overflowing.  So I stopped putting the cell phone to my ear, and the pain went away.  My body began to heal, and perhaps some of the water in my glass began to evaporate.

Just a few months after new gas meters were installation, I felt the first symptom of my glass overflowing again.  I didn't know microwave radiation emitting utility meters had been installed.  New gas meters are not called "smart."  But, I found out later, they do pulse microwave radiation over 600 times per hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non-stop.  That's the same frequency as cell phones, by the way.

And the gas company wont remove the new not-smart meters unless we want our natural gas turned-off.  Permanently.

New symptoms of my glass overflowing were occurring, beyond just my phone ear hurting.  I describe some of my experience here and here.  Within a short period of time, I went from radiantly healthy, to achy all over, extremely exhausted, and more.  I was rapidly declining.

Several months later, I identified the problem as being the not-smart gas meters, and began to remedy the microwave radiation problem.  

It's been ten months now since we first blocked the radiation emitting from the not-smart gas meters.  I've also been turning electric breakers off at night, to cut down on the dirty electricity.  Though many of my symptoms have lessened considerably, not all symptoms are gone, and I still don't have the energy I had before not-smart gas meters were installed.  Maybe I never will.  But it is what it is.

Biological effects from microwaves and radiofrequency radiation have been known about for many yearsand have even been researched by NASA.  But our governments seem to be run by large corporations and powerful utility companies, and they seem to be calling many of the shots.  At the expense of human health and safety.

"While human health and safety continue to be dismissed by many, growing scientific evidence is showing a dark side to cell phone, WiFi, smart meter and point-to-point technologies." ~ Dr. Albert Manville, Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Is this the world you want to leave to your children's children's children?  One that cares more about profit than human health and safety?

Knowledge is useless unless it's used.

Thank you for reading ~ May all beings be blessed!

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