Saturday, December 24, 2016

Disdain vs. Concern

Perry Hart, the Director of Public Works here in Battle Creek, returned my phone call regarding the Water Department's new electronic water meters.  In his phone message, he stated, "I understand your disdain for our read devices."  

The definition of disdain is:
The feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one's consideration or respect; contempt.
Disdain does not describe my feelings around new electronic public utility meters.  I realized that I do not like it when people put words into my mouth, words that I never said.  So I wrote him, hoping to give him some clarity to the real gravity of this issue:
Dear Mr. Hart, 
I listened to your phone message, and you are wrong.  I do not "disdain" your "read devices."  Disdain has nothing to do with my issue.
I have multiple valid concerns about your read devices, Mr. Hart.  I have concerns about health, and a disability in the form of a functional impairment that some people have.  A functional impairment triggered by wireless devices and/or electromagnetic fields.  We Are The Evidence 
I have concerns about a loss of freedom, Mr. Hart.  Having to pay to not be exposed to something that causes me and others a functional impairment is a loss of freedom.  Having to pay to not be exposed to wireless devices and electromagnetic fields is a loss of freedom.  My Ability - Revised
I have concerns about human rights also, Mr. Hart.  I am/we are loosing the right to a safe environment. 
And it's about ignorance, Mr. Hart.  It's about government agencies ignoring all the science proving non-ionizing radiation is not 100% safe.
So you see, Mr. Hart, disdain has nothing to do with my issue.
My concerns are for health, a disability in the form of a functional impairment, freedom, human rights, and ignorance.
Perhaps the "disdain" that you "understand" is your own disdain, Mr. Hart.
Most Sincerely,
Jeanine Deal
 "When you make a world tolerable for yourself,
you make a world tolerable for others."
~ Anais Nin


  1. Yaay!!! Wonder what reply you will get.

    1. Well, he did reply, but did not address any of my concerns. He talked about opt-out/extortion options.


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