Friday, December 27, 2019


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I'm sorry.  He said.

I'm sorry about installing this radiation emitting device outside your home.

It's my job.  And I'm paid well to do it.

But.  And there is.  A "but."

But I know...

Radiation in our environment, AKA "electrosmog"...  

It's making people sick.

Animals too.

Yeah, I know.

But I'm sorry.

It's my job.

And I'm paid well.  To do it.

* * *

[Caption on the image from HERE: In the Puranas it was predicted that toward the end of Kali Yuga humanity would be driven to acts of madness. It is very dangerous that people do not recognize this state...But how do you explain to people that their leaders and their teachers are insane? ~Agni Yoga, Supermundane, (1938)]

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Biologically Safe Levels For Wireless Exposure Have Never Been Established

Biologically safe levels for long-term exposure to pulsed modulated non-ionizing wireless radiation at non-thermal levels, what today's wireless technology exposes us to, have never been established by any United States health regulatory agency.  Current safety guidelines are based upon the heating of tissue, or thermal effects, from short-term exposures only, and do not consider long-term non-thermal effects.

"The RFR (radiofrequency radiation) exposure limits were designed to protect the general public only from heating risks due to short-term exposure to this type of non-ionizing radiation. The limits were not designed to protect individuals from chronic exposure to low-intensity (i.e., non-thermal levels of) RFR. Yet the preponderance of peer-reviewed research on low-intensity RFR exposure finds biological effects and adverse health effects."  Joel M. Moskowitz,  Ph.D., Director of the Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley | Worldwide Radio Frequency Radiation Exposure Limits versus Health Effects

In 2002 (and prior) the EPA questioned the adequacy of the current U.S. RFR safety guidelines established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 1996.  Yet U.S. RFR exposure guidelines are still the same today as they were in 1996, and are based upon thermal, or heating effects, only.  They still do not consider long-term exposure at non-thermal levels.

The 4G / 5G small cell antenna infrastructure is creating long-term exposures to exponentially higher levels of RFR at non-thermal levels.  NO safety is assured.

If someone tells you that 5G technology is going to use lower power or lower energy levels than 4G and 3G (and therefore assumed 'safer'), let them know it's not the power levels or energy levels that elicit the most severe  adverse biological effects.  It's the pulses and modulation that appear to be so biologically damaging, according to the scientists and medical professionals who have been studying this issue (see images HERE for a better understanding of modulation).

The 5G wireless infrastructure is in ADDITION to the 3G / 4G infrastructure, adding exponential levels of RFR to our environment, with no biological health impact or environmental impact assessment.

Large cell towers are not being removed as the 4G / 5G infrastructure is being built.  In fact, many large cell towers are getting taller with more cells and antenna.  RFR measurements are increasing exponentially across Michigan as the 4G / 5G infrastructure is being installed.

Because safe levels for long-term exposure to pulsed modulated non-ionizing RFR at non-thermal levels have never been established, we have absolutely NO assurance of safety from any of the wireless technology we are exposed to over the long-term.

We can limit cell phone use, use speaker-phone or air-tubes, turn WiFi 'off' at night, and shield 'smart' meter RFR.  But when a small cell antenna is installed on a light pole outside our bedroom window, our options to avoid excessive untested exposure to RFR  (already making some people very ill) are limited.

This is why we need an immediate moratorium on wireless infrastructure expansion including small cell antenna installations until safe levels for long-term exposure to pulsed modulated non-ionizing RFR at non-thermal levels are established. 

To protect your health, and the health of your loved-ones, please contact state lawmakers and ask for legislation placing a moratorium on wireless expansion until a systematic review of the science is done by independent researchers without conflicts of interest, and safe levels are established for long-term exposure to pulsed modulated non-ionizing RFR at non-thermal levels.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Smart Meter Fires - From A Property Claims Specialist

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Hello         ,

Thank you for your email. Let me state at the beginning that you can share this email with whomever you believe it would be beneficial to.

The major issues in moving forward in dealing with defective Smart Meters and Fires which result from their malfunction are as follows:

  1. The fire departments investigating the fires need to have a category established in their incident reports to indicate a Smart Meter Malfunction should be considered. As it stands now, the cause is identified as electrical in nature, or cause cannot be identified.
  2. The function of the responding utility companies needs to be changed. The fire departments which are in route to a fire scene will call the local utility company requesting they come to shut off the electricity, and gas. The utility companies will ask a matter of practice remove the Smart Meter from the loss scene and hold it safely in their vaults. The only way that an Insurance Company can get to the meter at the present time is to subpoena the meter for testing, and the subpoena cost money.
  3. Finally, since I have been identified as the only Insurance Industry person speaking out against the Smart Meter debacle I can say that the Insurance Industry needs a change of heart and mind. I was told verbally, face to face, that the odds are still in favor of the Insurance Company. It is still Cheaper to pay the claim and subrogate against the utility company for recovery. However, as the Smart Meters age and the lithium batteries in them begin to wear out, leaking into the meter’s interior and going up in flames the balance sheet will tilt in favor of investigation. 
  4. I can personally state that it took the company which I work for 18 months of letter writing and subpoenas to obtain the opportunity to perform Destructive testing on the meter that failed and caused the fire. Even then, the settlement was sealed and the final payment to be kept secret from even me. 
  5. Insurance companies need to understand that the investigation of a claim involves determining the cause of the loss, and if that cause can be held responsible financially for the damages. If then takes the adjuster to a failed smart meter so be it. 

Norman Lambe
Property Claim Specialist
Precision Risk Management, Inc.
For Century-National Insurance, Co.
714-228-7900 ext. 1159

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Resolution Supporting Legislation for an Immediate Moratorium on Small Cell Antenna Installations until Health and Environmental Impact is Assessed

Whereas the biological health and environmental impact of a 4G/5G small cell antenna infrastructure has never been assessed.

Whereas current Federal Communications Commission (FCC) radiofrequency (RF) radiation safety guidelines were established in 1996 and are thermally based only.

Whereas current FCC RF safety guidelines do not apply to chronic non-thermal exposure situations as with 4G/5G small cell antennas in public rights-of-way.

Whereas the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance companies refuse to insure the telecommunications industry for liability on electromagnetic fields including wireless RF radiation.

Whereas the insurance industry recognizes wireless radiation as a leading risk and has placed exclusions in their policies not covering damages caused by the pathological properties of electromagnetic radiation.

Whereas cell phone manufacturers have in the legal section within the device instructions to keep the phone at least 5 mm from the body.

Whereas thousands of peer-reviewed studies, including the recently published U.S. National Toxicology Program $30 million study, are showing a wide-range of statistically significant DNA damage, brain and heart tumors, infertility, and many other ailments, and are being ignored by the FCC.

Whereas the FCC-sanctioned guidelines for public exposure to wireless radiation are based only on the thermal effect on the temperature of the skin and do not account for the non-thermal, non-ionizing, biological effects of wireless RF radiation.

Whereas the FCC radiofrequency exposure limits set for the United States are 100 times higher than countries like Russia, China, Italy, Switzerland, and most of Eastern Europe.

Whereas the World Health Organization (WHO) signify that wireless radiation is a Group B Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans category, a group that includes lead, thalidomide, and others, and some experts who sat on the WHO committee in 2011 are now calling for it to be placed in the Group 1, which are known carcinogens, and such information is being ignored by the FCC.

Whereas more than 250 of the worlds leading scientists signed an appeal to the WHO and the United Nations to protect public health from wireless RF radiation.

Whereas the cumulative biologically damaging effects of the ever-growing numbers of pulsed RF signals riding on the back of the electromagnetic sine waves have not been explored.

Resolved, the City Council of _________ directs the City Administrator to communicate to Michigan's elected officials at the State government who represent the City's residents the City's support for legislation calling for an immediate moratorium on wireless infrastructure including small cell antenna installations in Michigan’s public rights-of-way until safe levels are established for long-term exposure to pulsed modulated non-ionizing RFR at non-thermal levels, established by independent researchers without conflicts of interest, in order to assess biological health impact of continuing the expansion of the wireless infrastructure.

* * *

  1. Please copy, paste, and print the above draft resolution which was modeled after New Hampshire's bill (now a law): "Establishing a commission to study the environmental and health effects of evolving 5G technology."  
  2. Hand deliver it to your local government officials.  
  3. Ask them to please read this draft resolution and consider passing it or something similar.  
  4. Know that we are not asking for too much when we ask for environmental and biological health impact assessments on the 4G / 5G small cell antenna infrastructure.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

What Small Cell Antenna Legislation and Sh*t Have In Common

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My former husband had a saying:
"Just because ten-thousand flies eat sh*t doesn't mean you should."
I was reminded of this recently when someone mentioned that other states (besides Michigan) were passing small cell antenna infrastructure legislation.

Just because other states have passed similar forms of cookie-cutter legislation that benefits telecommunications companies at the expense of the citizens of the state, doesn't mean we should

But "we" did. 

And by "expense" I mean not only monetarily, but we also pay with our health because wireless technology has repeatedly been proven harmful to humans and the environment.  

The law reads:

The People of Michigan did NOT enact Public Acts 365 and 366 (formerly SB 637 and 894).

The people of Michigan, for the most part, didn't even KNOW about SB 637 and 894 thanks to our public media that apparently didn't think a law that strips the citizens of their rights to health, safety, and welfare was newsworthy enough for headlines.  Or that stripping local authorities of revenue and control of public right of way space was newsworthy enough either.

However, it was included at the bottom of an article about a rapist and child custody case.  Not exactly where most people would look for an announcement of groundbreaking legislation with extensive ramifications.

The people of Michigan did not enact these small cell antenna laws.  The 2018 Michigan House of Representatives, Senators and Governor enacted them, and thereby gave telecom companies the right to install their equipment just about anywhere in public right of ways without our knowledge or consent.  

AND with NO safety testing.
"This is about radiation, and people need to understand that..."
"Scientists state that wireless radiation is a human carcinogen. Governments have no proof of safety and the peer reviewed published literature has substantial evidence of harm."
So just because other states also passed similar legislation, and just because other states are not looking at a repeal to these horrible laws, doesn't mean we shouldn't.

To protect the health, safety, and welfare of the people of Michigan, we must repeal these laws and place a moratorium on further installations of small cell antennas until safe levels of pulsed modulated non-ionizing wireless radiation have been established for long-term exposure at non-thermal levels by qualified experts with absolutely NO conflicts of interest.  

Which means NOT the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

* * *

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Sunday, August 25, 2019

I love this quote...

“In a herd of deer, we need some super-sensitive ones. They are the ones that will hear that teeniest little crack, or smell the one or two molecules of scent from the mountain lion that’s stalking them. Their job is to use their hyper-sensitivity to alert the whole group.” 
~ Peter Levine

I found it in this excellent article by Patricia Burke: EHS, ADA, FCC and 5G — Time for a Reboot 

Too bad humanity is taking so dang long to realize that the same applies to us. We have sensitive ones in regards to exposure to non-ionizing wireless radiation at non-thermal levels. And still, for the most part, we are being ignored...

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Fake Science

"Yes, what you can do is that you can create fake science that essentially imagines that the agent that you depend on, has no health effects whatsoever. If you look back in time, there was what I would call it heat war in the past, there wasn’t only a Cold War, there was a heat war. What this means is that the nations of the East, the Eastern Bloc, said that this radiation is dangerous, and they adopted standards at thousand times lower than the United States.

"By contrast, in the United States the mentality was there's so much money to be made, we will have very high standards. In other words, there’s no effect beyond what happens in the microwave oven. And this will allow us to deploy unlimited amounts of systems."

~ Dr. Paul Heroux

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